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Delicious Ethnic Food in Philadelphia

If you love to cook, enjoy entertaining or simply relish the taste of ‘real’ food, then you need to drop by and see what we’ve got on offer. From creamy fresh cheeses to a variety of seasonal produce, enticing meats and bakery products from across the globe, our carefully selected merchandise will appeal to anyone that wants to add something special, exciting and a little different to their menu.

Discover the Provenance of Your Ingredients

For many talented chefs and enthusiastic diners, the taste of a dish is only one facet of its appeal. Knowing where ingredients come from, comparing the merits of various producers and discovering how a particular variety of fruit or carefully sourced seasoning can absolutely transform a recipe are all activities which contribute to the pleasure which good food, shared with friends, can bring. At our European food store in Philadelphia, you’ll find plenty of information about each product, enabling you to make informed decisions on every visit.

Why Not Come to Our Free Tasting Event?

If you’re not familiar with all the products at our gourmet food store in Philadelphia, why not attend one of our free sampling events and discover what we’ve got on offer? These occasions aren’t just a chance to try our regular stock; we also showcase any new, exciting flavors we’ve sourced, so there’s always something fresh to try. As a well-established food store in Philadelphia, PA, we are proud of our reputation for offering, new, appetizing products from across Europe and beyond.

Homemade Food in Philadelphia

One of our most popular services is our selection of carefully prepared, homemade food which is pre-packed and ready to go. Salads, side dishes, soup, baked chicken, fish and seafood dishes are just some of the tempting options carefully prepared by our talented team of chefs. If you enjoy the flavors of ethnic cuisine, then a visit to our homemade food department is essential! To discover more about our wonderful foodstuffs, as well as information about our stores, call us now at (267) 672-2500.