2015 Shopping Trends & NetCost Market


With so many of our customers setting food oriented resolutions to lose weight, eat right, and get healthy in the new year, we started wondering what shopping trends might be on the horizon for 2015. NetCost Market predicts three shopping trends that will shape the future of your grocery store experience.

Savvy Shoppers:
Today’s customer is making decisions from a place of wisdom, knowledge, and education. With access to a wealth of health related articles and blogs, our customers know that knowledge is power and do their homework to keep their families healthy. We understand that you want to know what is in your food and why. Customers aren’t afraid to stop and read the label in the middle of a busy aisle- we love that! (Remember, if you have any questions about any of our products, please don’t hesitate to ask one of our team members! We’re happy to help!) In addition to providing the highest quality products at a great value, we know that you also care about our environment which is why we source our foods from local farms whenever possible and offer a great selection of organic choices.

Trendy Options.
With so many new restaurants popping up all over the place, many of us are expanding our tastes to include different types of foods from all different cultures. In case you want to try recreating your favorite restaurant dishes at home, we carry a global selection of exotic ingredients. (If you can’t find something, be sure to ask. We can try to special order it for you!) Another shopping trend that we’re seeing across the country is adding food into the shopping experience! Obviously, this is our favorite of the 2015 trends, and we’re sure it will be yours, too! Here at NetCost Market, we have new events every weekend where we set up demonstrations and offer samples to our shoppers keeping you up to date on our latest and greatest products.

Everything Zen.
We know how busy you are! In 2015, shoppers will care more than ever about holistic wellness and health. With a focus on natural supplements, alternative medicine, organic bath and beauty products, and a full line of organic meats, seafood, and produce, NetCost Market cares about your family and wants to provide you with a wide selection of healthful options. If you’re too busy to make dinner, we also can help make your evenings stress-free with our fresh, high quality prepared foods section. And…we can’t forget the importance of the shopping experience itself! We take pride in offering incredible customer service to our customers so that your time at NetCost can be as zen-like as possible.