Affordable Organic Food

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Organic food has become a major part of the average American’s everyday diet, and we see more and more promotions highlighting the benefits of organic food and trying to convince us to change our eating habits. However, there are some surprising facts about organic eating that you may not know about! Here are just a few…

Some produce can be more organic than others: We often think that products we buy labeled as “organic” will be 100% organic, however, this may not necessarily be the case. The U.S. Department of Agriculture states that food labeled as organic only needs to be made with 95% organic produce, meaning you may still be ingesting a small amount of non-organic produce. Look for labels that state 100% organic if you really want to have a purely organic diet!

Organic food is ESPECIALLY beneficial for children and pregnant women: Scientific experiments have suggested that even small levels of pesticides and preservatives can have negative effects on unborn fetuses as their development can be inhibited during this crucial period. Therefore, pregnant women should take special care to maximise the level of organic produce they ingest, ensuring they have a strong and healthy baby.

Organic eating is not a new idea: Organic living is often painted as a new age, modern movement. However, this is not the case! Up until the 1950’s most produce was made without the use of pesticides, preservatives or genetic modification. When people started using pesticides and other chemicals on their produce, an organic movement instantly began in opposition to what were suspected to be harmful and unhealthy practices in food production.

The US may not be as organic as you think: While 78% of families in the USA buy some sort of organic food on a regular basis, only about 4.2% of all food consumed is organic. On top of this, less than 1% of crops produced in the US are actually organic, meaning the majority is imported, resulting in a surprisingly high carbon footprint that can be attributed to the USA’s organic food market.

Get silky skin: Skin benefits greatly from eating a largely organic diet as scientific studies suggest that chemicals used in food production cause the skin to dry, become more prone to infection and to regenerate at a slower rate. By eating organic, you can ensure your skin is radiant and healthy, meaning a change is diet will deliver results you can see on the outside, and feel on the inside!

How can NetCost Market help you?

Here at NetCost Market we actively promote the consumption of organic produce as we believe the health benefits are something everyone should have access to. Our Affordable Organics range means everyone can afford to access healthy and clean organic food on a regular basis. This month we’re offering great discounts on products such as Bioitalia Organic Beans, Mestemacher Bread, and Buddha Assorted Teas as well as much more great organic alternatives to conventional products. Our aim is to allow our customers access to organic alternatives to everyday items. Head down to your local NetCost market and see what changes you can make to your weekly grocery shop to become more organic!