Affordable Organic Foods at NetCost Market

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At NetCost Market we love doing our bit to help you eat a healthy and varied diet, while also doing a little good for the planet, in the form of pesticide and chemical free, organic foods!  Each month our Netcost Store hosts a range of different organic products at affordable prices as a part of our Affordable Organic Options, meaning it’s even easier for you and your family to experience organic produce! Below are some of the top picks in our extensive range for the month of May.

Good Karma Flax Milk – Made using the milk of the nutritionally rich flax seeds, this healthy yet tasty alternative to dairy milk is free of lactose, dairy, nuts, soy and gluten, and is made using 100% organic products. Packed full of Omega-3, this smooth and creamy milk alternative is one of the leading products on the market and is a great addition to morning smoothies and coffee.

Jolly Llama Sorbet Pops – With summer on its way, it’s time to stock up on popsicles and ice-creams. Jolly Llama Sorbet Pops offer a dairy-free alternative to ice cream. Made using juicy mangos, their refreshingly sweet, all-natural taste is a simple treat for both adults and children.

Fruit Bliss, Dried French Agen Plums – Naturally sweet and juicy dried plums are a delicious way to enjoy getting part of the recommended daily fruit intake. The high fiber, vitamin-rich fruits are the perfect addition to oatmeal, yogurt, and are also a simple on-the-go snack.

Bionaturae Fruit Spread – Bionaturae have created this flavorful apricot spread using 100% organic ingredients. The spread goes perfectly in sandwiches with peanut butter, on toast with a little butter, or mixed in with some low-fat organic yogurt for a  healthy snack in-between meals.

Cucina Antica Ketchup – Ketchup and other sauces are typically made using low grade, non-organic produce and packed out with processed sugars. However, Cucina Antica has created a ketchup made using 100% organic ingredients! The quality of the produce used really shines through in the flavor, and you can eat this product knowing that it was created in an environmentally sustainable way.

Rib Rack BBQ Sauce – Rib Rack BBQ Sauce is “all natural”, with “no junk” as they describe on the label… and they’re not lying! Made using organic ingredients and completely free of unnatural e-numbers, this BBQ sauce really hits the spot and is the perfect addition to an organic summer BBQ! Get yours in time for Memorial Day Weekend, no BBQ is complete without it!

Essential Baking Bake at Home Bread – Bake at home bread means you get that just baked freshness of a professional bakery right in your own home. With this product, you get that delicious fresh taste and the added pleasure of knowing the product if made from 100% organic ingredients. Coming in a variety of styles including French, Italian, Rosemary and Sourdough, this high quality, artisan style bread is the best of the bunch. Get the children involved one afternoon, we guarantee they’ll love both the taste and the baking!

Eating organic is becoming an essential part of everyday life, with people all across the country converting to new, cleaner ways of eating. At NetCost Market we want to help make that conversion easier and more affordable by offering Affordable Organic Options. Head down to your local NetCost Market to see the extensive range of affordable organic products today and begin your conversion!