August Eats: Hold Onto The Feeling of Summer With Some Seasonal Dishes!

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August is the last full month of summer, but it’s also one where you get the best locally sourced seasonal produce! This is because fresh fruits and vegetables such as zucchini, peaches, various berries, bell peppers, apricots, and tomatoes have had the whole summer to soak up the sun’s rays and become nice and plump and ripe! So, we at NetCost Market want to give you some inspiration on how to best use this opportunity to hold on to the taste of summer that little bit longer.


What kind of images does the word “salad” conjure up in your mind? Usually, people think of leaf-based bowls of uninspiring drabness. However, the salads we’re thinking of are much more exotic! Try using grilled cantaloupe, nectarine, cherries or eggplant on your salads to give it some more substance and a bit of an aesthetic lift! Grilling is an easy option and it brings out great flavors by caramelizing the sugars present in the fruit.

Swap for squash fries

Summer squash is in abundance at this time of the year, and people hardly know the best ways to make the most of this versatile fruit. Try swapping potato fries for squash fries in the fryer! You’ll be surprised at how well they stand up to the well-loved potato fries, and at a fraction of the calories, they’re a great option for keeping things light this summer!

Too many tomatoes?

Tomatoes grow like crazy in many climates at this time of the year, and people often don’t what to do with them. But never fear! There’s a whole host of options. A great way to preserve them is to collect them all together and make a beautiful, rich, slow-cooked tomato sauce that can be kept in the freezer and added to pasta at a later date (possibly even once summer is over). Another option is to grill them before adding them as a topping to salads. The process of grilling brings out the full flavors of the fruit, adding a whole new dimension and really lifting a meal.

A whole lot of watermelon?

Watermelon is also a fruit that is seasonally available in August, and often we flock to the store to make the most of its cooling powers. However, many of us find it difficult to finish a whole melon, especially if it’s a big one! But, why not try preserving some of that great flavor by making a watermelon-based barbeque sauce? The natural sweetness of the melon and its delicate flavor goes perfectly well with pork or chicken on the grill, and this way you won’t end up wasting some perfectly good fruit!

August brings us some of the most refreshing, sweet, and delicious fruits and vegetables, and it’s a great idea to make the most of this abundance while it lasts! Think ahead and use these great flavors to prepare foods that can be cooked once the season of plenty is over and winter has set in because you might find yourself craving those great summer flavors once again! NetCost Market works closely with local producers to bring in great seasonal fruit and vegetables, why not come in store and see the quality for yourself and make the most of what August has to offer?!