Baking Bread at Home as a Hobby

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Bread, in some form or another, is a staple food in almost all cultures around the world. Whether it’s soft and fluffy loaves or chewy flatbreads, there’s something about baking your own bread that releases the inner hunter-gatherer! This is exactly why here at NetCost Market, we wanted to highlight the pros of baking at home and treating baking as a hobby because it offers so much more than just delicious loaves of bread!

Baking bread as a science

Unlike cooking, baking bread often calls for a much more scientific approach. This means that if you’re a good cook, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be a good baker! You’ll need an accurate set of scales, and you’ll need to be precise when measuring out amounts as a slight deviation from the recipe could be the difference between a nice fluffy loaf and a brick-like disaster!

Kneading vs. dough hook

The popularity of KitchenAids has really taken off in the last few years, and one of the most useful functions is the dough hook which mimics the process of kneading without the need to exert any energy yourself! If you’re looking to bake to simply provide yourself and your family with a few loaves of bread, then this is a great, convenient option. However, if you’re serious about making baking into a hobby, then we would suggest kneading your dough the old-fashioned way. Not only does this bring you closer to the traditional method of making bread, but the process of kneading is also a light workout that’s a great stress reliever too – just think of the dough as a giant stress ball!

Supreme sourdough

There’s been somewhat of a sourdough revolution in the last few years, with artisan bakeries cashing in by charging a premium for this specialty bread. The truth is, sourdough is not as special as it may seem, and until industrial yeast was produced (often as a by-product of the brewing industry), sourdough was actually the most common way of making bread. Sourdough uses what is known as a leaven – a natural sourdough starter that uses the naturally occurring yeast in flour and the environment to produce a gloopy liquid of concentrated live yeast culture. This culture slowly interacts with the dough to give it a slow rise, and therefore a superior texture and flavor. Producing great sourdough bread is an art in its own right, but one that can be mastered at home with plenty of patience and dedication – producing some of the most satisfying loaves you’ll ever make!

How NetCost can help you!

NetCost Market stocks everything you’ll need to get yourself started with your new bread baking hobby – everything from great quality yeasts and flours, to extras like seeds, nuts, and dried fruits that you can add to your bread to make it that little bit more exciting. Our in-house bakery means you can discover some unique loaves of bread to inspire you to produce your own at home, and our dedicated baking team will be more than happy to give you any advice on how to produce those perfect loaves! Of course, if you find yourself getting frustrated with baking your own bread, or you just need a break, you can always head in store and get yourself a great, high-quality loaf from our fresh bread counter!