Best Foods To Warm You Up Quickly


There’s plenty of ways to keep warm throughout the winter months, you can layer up with stylish sweaters, thick scarves, and woolly hats, or you can sip on hot cups of tea or even choose to stay inside curled up in front of the fire with a blanket and a book! There is, however, another way to help your body stay warmer, and that is with the help of food! Yes, you read that right! Some foods are somewhat super when it comes to helping your body regulate its internal temperature. We’re always keen to share our food knowledge with you, our loyal NetCost Market customers – and so we’ve pulled together a quick list of everyday winter warming foods that you can pick up in store to keep you toasty this winter!


You probably already have some fresh ginger in your kitchen, if not, add it to your grocery list! Not only is ginger super versatile, adding a world of flavor to both sweet and savory foods, but the root is also thought to enhance thermogenesis! In addition to increasing your heat production, ginger will keep your immune system strong so you can keep those relentless winter coughs and colds at bay!

Brown rice

Rice is a great way to fill you up, and surprisingly, it’s also a great way to keep warm. But how? We’re glad you asked! Being a complex carbohydrate, brown rice requires more effort from the body in order to digest it, which in turn raises your body temperature. Throw together some stir-fried broccoli and beef on a bed of brown rice and feel healthier, fuller, and most importantly, warmer!

Lean meats

We’re sure you’ve heard the phrase, “meat sweats,” right? It exists for a reason! Protein takes even more energy for the body to digest than carbohydrates, so naturally, it creates an increase in body temperature as excess energy is needed to break it down. In addition to this, the high levels of iron in meat are just what the hormones secreted by your thyroid glands require in order to stimulate the production of heat.


Perhaps you have the idea that throwing a bunch of super-hot spices into your food will warm you up, but that’s not quite true! Though your mouth will be on fire and your nose will start to run, it’s all very temporary and your body isn’t much affected. Cumin is where you should turn your attention. Cumin doesn’t overwhelm your tongue with spice, and instead, you’ll get to enjoy both its rich flavor and its thermogenic effect on your body. It has high iron levels and is a great digestion aide, making it an ideal winter warmer!

Winter can be a testing time for your body. As you get colder, your body becomes more susceptible to illness, let alone the fact that it’s just uncomfortable! These four foods are inexpensive and can find their way into many healthy and extremely tasty dishes! So, get creative with your next meal and make your body both happier and warmer! NetCost Market offers great fresh fruits and vegetables with which you can make a range of healthy warming winter dishes, so head down to your local store and keep yourself warm this winter!