Buy Organic Food For Less

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Have you ever had that feeling of guilt when you go to reach for an organic option at the grocery store, but decided to settle on the non-organic option simply based on price? This is a problem that many of us face, and it’s a reality that organic eating can be quite expensive. Organic food is often more expensive because organic farming methods produce a lower yield as they don’t use chemicals that artificially boost the yield of crops. Here at NetCost Market, we believe it’s important for everyone to access affordable, healthy and clean organic food, which is why we have come up with some tips on keeping the costs down, so everyone can eat clean!

Buying in Bulk – A great way to keep the costs of organic food down is to buy in bulk! If you see a great deal, especially on foods that can be stored for a long amount of time, buy a large amount because this will save you money in the long-run.

Planning – If you make a meal plan at the beginning of the week, and simply stick to this when at the grocery store, you will be less tempted to put treats and more expensive items in the shopping basket, saving money and ensuring you eat a healthier diet!

Eating Less Meat – Organic meat is particularly expensive compared to non-organic meat. However, many Americans eat a very high amount of meat, often way above the recommended maximum. Eating less meat will cut costs, leaving more in the pot for healthy organic pulses and vegetables, but also will benefit your health by increasing your fiber intake and reducing your risk of meat-induced stomach cancer.

This Month in the NetCost Affordable Organic Options

To help you on your way to eating an organic diet at an affordable price, we at NetCost Market have developed our Affordable Organics Range, that offers you, the customer, the best organic produce at cut prices. Here are just a few of this month’s great offers:

Cucina Antica Premium Cranberry Sauce – Made using only organically sourced ingredients, this great cranberry sauce is the perfect addition to an organic Thanksgiving dinner, and with a saving of $1.70 from the regular price, it would be crazy not to snap up this deal!

Mestemacher Assorted Bread – Whether as a snack between meals or for an organic lunch in the office, Mestemacher Bread is a high protein, clean alternative to standard sliced bread. The protein content keeps you fuller for longer, meaning you can last all day, and the organic ingredients mean this product can be incorporated into a clean eating diet.

Earth Circle Chia Seeds – Chia Seeds are full of important nutrients, including various amino acids, omega-3, and fiber. Organic products have been scientifically proven to contain higher concentrations of nutrition than non-organic products, meaning these seeds are the perfect nutritionally dense addition to any salad, cereal bowl, or simply just as a power boost snack.

Eating organic doesn’t need to be expensive, and with some simple tactics and the help of our Affordable Organics Range, you can get on track with eating organic, healthy food at a manageable price.