Simple and Light Summer Recipes

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Summer food is all about keeping it light and simple. You don’t want anything that takes too long to cook because you’d much rather be out enjoying the great weather! Here at NetCost Market, we’ve got some quick and easy summer recipes that are healthy, light, and won’t take...
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Recipes With Kielbasa

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Kielbasa is a meat sausage that comes from Poland, Hungary, and Ukraine. In Poland, the term Kielbasa is actually used to refer to any type of Polish meat sausage, but here in the US we generally use it as a term for the polish-style course cured or smoked sausage....
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Memorial Day Recipes and Ideas

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The month of May is well underway, so it’s about time we started thinking about Memorial Day! Memorial Day was first observed in the US back in 1868, although back then it was named Decoration Day! Though the name has changed, the reason for celebrating remains the same –...
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Fancy Deviled Eggs

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The deviled egg is an American classic. It’s quick, easy, and they’re always the first thing to go! The simplicity of boiling an egg, and then making a tasty filling from the yolk seems to never go out of date. Amazingly, this food – or at least a variation...
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Okroshka Season is Upon Us!

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Russian cuisine boasts some of the best tasting food going, but sometimes it can seem a little strange to the American palate and the classic Russian dish okroshka is no exception! Okroshka is a Russian summer soup that’s known for its refreshing, heat relieving properties and it’s usually enjoyed...
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Supercharge Your Body for Spring With These Delicious Smoothie Recipes!

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Spring is in our sights and so it’s time to say goodbye to thick winter jackets and to start getting ready for the swimsuits and sunglasses of summer! If you’re looking for a health kick this spring to get you ready for summer and over the indulgent comfort eating...
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How to Make Khachapuri at Home

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The long history of food is punctuated by moments of pure genius – just think about how people must have felt before the invention of pizza, or the Philly cheesesteak for that matter?! These are great examples of moments of inspiration that changed the way we eat forever. A...
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Eggnog Recipes

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Eggnog is a Christmas classic but it’s also one of those beverages that you either love or hate! Brought to our shores by the British, this drink was an instant hit in America because it was a great way of preserving the copious amounts of eggs and milk being...
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