Cautious About Caviar? Here’s all you Need to Know!

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Caviar is one of those foods that if you’ve played the word association game, would most likely be followed with: Russia, Expensive, Luxury. At NetCost Market, we are huge fans of the delicacy and if you haven’t tried it yet, you’re really missing out! There are many types of caviar and not all of them are priced so high they break the bank – in fact, we stock a whole range of affordable and delicious caviar in store so that everyone can enjoy the delights of this sumptuous food. Perhaps it’s not the price that has kept you at bay? Maybe it’s a lack of knowledge about what caviar is exactly? Let’s change that by talking all things caviar!

What exactly is caviar you ask?

Well, caviar is the unfertilized eggs – also known as roe – from fish. Most species from the Sturgeon fish family such as Osetra and Beluga have been used for caviar, the roe from these fish is salt-cured creating this sought-after dish. The delicacy was a favorite amongst the royalty of Russia and other aristocracies! These days caviar is available to many more people, not just the rich, though certain kinds of caviar are banned in the US due to many species of sturgeon being considered endangered.

Why are caviar different colors? Is black caviar okay to eat?

Yes, you can eat black caviar! Don’t be fooled into thinking that black caviar has gone-off, it hasn’t. Black caviar comes from the sturgeon fish that we talked about earlier, and though it may be called black, it actually might not be. The color ranges from silvery gray to bronze and then pure black depending on the exact fish it comes from. Red caviar is something you may have also seen when browsing in-store or online. This type comes from salmon, and also varies in its coloring. Red caviar can, in fact, be orange with a hint of red or a deeper maroon color. Color simply determines the fish it came from and in turn the price tag!

I’ve never tried it, but I want to. Which is the best caviar for beginners?

It may sound like strange advice but for newbies, you most likely want to aim for a lower to middle priced caviar. The pricier caviars are those that are older, larger eggs which means an intense, fishier essence. Opting for a slightly cheaper option will deliver younger roe with a milder flavor to allow you to get a feel for the texture and taste. Work your way up to the more advanced in flavor and cost!

How should I eat caviar?

The classic way to eat caviar for true caviar connoisseurs is completely ungarnished. However, that is not the only way to enjoy it. Why not try making small blinis (a type of Russian pancake), smeared with a little creme fraiche and topped with a spoonful of caviar? Some people like to enjoy their caviar on top of a thin slice of fine Italian white chocolate. The truth is, there is an array of recipes out there and you can explore them all or invent your own! Caviar is to be enjoyed, so enjoy!

When you’re ready to explore the world of caviar, pop in-store and explore our wide range. At NetCost Market, we’re well versed in the realms of roe so ask our in-store colleagues for advice and take advantage of our special offers!