Cottage Cheese – The New Greek Yogurt

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A cherished new favorite amongst the health and fitness enthusiasts, including top athletes, is, wait for it… cottage cheese. The lumpy looking cheese is developed through the manipulation of milk proteins, meaning they add a little of an acidic substance such as vinegar or lime and the milk begins to curdle! Within these curds are casein protein which separates from the whey. Once fully separated the curds are cooked to remove any residual moisture. It is then washed and ready to accept any further ingredients, be that flavorings, salt or cream. The final end product is the sweet taste we have all come to know and love.

Surprisingly, unbeknownst to many people, cottage cheese is packed full of goodness to help promote normal bodily functions and improve performance. Cottage cheese popularity is on the rise! The uses of this wonderful cheese are almost endless and that is why this underrated cheese is about to shake things up and stand up as a contender to replace the all too familiar Greek yogurt. Don’t believe us? Well, we are here to change your mind and tell you why cottage cheese is the New Greek yogurt!

Protein and Carbs

Ranking as its top benefit is the cottage cheese casein content (a mouthful we know!). Cottage cheese is high in protein while being low in carbohydrates; making it an obvious choice for those wanting to build some muscle and lean-up. Cottage cheese is therefore also a great source of protein for vegetarians as well.

Rich in Calcium

Cottage cheese is a great source for that extra calcium in your diet. Calcium is required for normal nervous system function and strong bones. Good intakes of calcium have also been linked to weight loss too!

Vitamins and Minerals

An excellent source of a vitamin A and a wide range of vitamin B and its sub-complexes such as riboflavin, B12, and thiamine (just to name a few), as well as minerals such as the all-important potassium; cottage cheese has the ingredients to keep your body running smoothly.

Without being “cheesy” – need we say more?

As one of the more versatile ingredients, it is super easy to incorporate cottage cheese into your everyday meals! Here are just a few simple ways to start switching up your diet:


Next time you get the urge to bake, try out some recipes with cottage cheese in. It’ll put a healthy twist on the next cake or muffins you make, and we promise they’ll still taste great!


Create a delicious fruity-cheese fusion by adding a dollop of the cheese to your sliced bananas, berry mixes, crushed pineapple and peach segments. Great for a healthy start to your day or eat as a snack.


Make your scrambled eggs extra protein packed and most importantly creamier with a little addition of cottage cheese.


Spread that cheesy-delight across hot toast and enjoy the smooth great taste with the added protein-kick start. Also try this with a mix of nut butter too!

Not-so-sour cream:

Replace sour cream with cottage cheese to create a healthy alternative. Simply blend it to a smooth consistency. Who said dips can’t be healthy and delicious?


When blitzing together your favorite fruit smoothie, don’t forget to add cottage cheese to the mix for another way to boost your protein intake!