Craving Sugar? Why Sugar Replacements Are a Much Better Alternative

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It’s old news that sugar isn’t the healthiest food product that we could put into our bodies… However, that doesn’t mean that we’re all rushing to give up our favorite treats and snacks. For many people, consuming sugar or keeping a check on their sugar consumption is not an important consideration, but for many reasons, it should be! Are you aware of the potential pitfalls of refined sugar? If your answer is no, then here are a few things to keep in mind:

Sugar can contribute to weight gain

Consuming too much sugar, for example, in your favorite chocolate bars, soda and even hidden sugar in savory fast foods can lead to weight gain. But this is hardly a secret! These delicious treats are easy to get addicted to eating but pack a heavy sugar punch and often leave you getting hungry again very quickly!

Oily spot prone skin? Sugar may be the culprit!

Sugar-laden foods can increase your risk of bad skin, and for people with existing acne conditions, it can be a trigger for a flare-up. Though sugar itself is not a direct cause of acne, the spikes in your body’s insulin levels cause inflammation across the body including your face, which irritates skin conditions.

Low mood and tiredness: the post-sugar blues are real!

Sugary foods cause spikes in your blood sugar levels, which in turn leads to reduced energy. You may find yourself feeling fatigued and moody when you rely on sugar as your go-to pick me up. Sugar is addictive, which is why you’ll find yourself reaching for more and more to try and fix this slump, and so the cycle continues!

High sugar consumption increases your risk of disease

A high sugar diet increases the risk of a person developing medical problems such as DIABETES, HEART DISEASE and of course, OBESITY. Though not everyone will experience one of these problems because of too much sugar, people with a family history should take a little more notice of their daily sugar intake.

Your dentistry bill will likely increase!

All those sugary foods can lead to TOOTH DECAY. When the bacteria in your mouth starts the digestion process, acid is produced and your tooth enamel can be weakened which can lead to further problems.

There are many more reasons to consider reducing your sugar intake, this is just the tip of the iceberg! You don’t need to eliminate all processed sugar from your diet and at NetCost Market, we’re here to make it easy for you to have your cake and eat it too! Literally! The NetCost Market team always works to make sure there’s something for everyone in store, and that’s why we now stock a whole range of low-sugar, sugar-free alternatives, and products specially designed with the needs of diabetics and those on a low sugar diet in mind.

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