Our incredible handmade bakery, The Bread Basket, is one of the departments that we are most proud of and one that truly allows us to stand out from the crowd. From freshly baked loaves of bread to handmade pierogies, handmade samsa, handmade rugelach, and fresh baked pastries, almost everything in our in-store bakery- except our fine imported product selection- is made completely from scratch by our skilled team of expert bakers.

Come in to try one of our customer favorites- our Russian Pierogies! We hand roll the dough for our fresh baked pierogies before filling them with our flavorful, handmade pierogi fillings to bring you the very best flavor.

We also carry products from other reputable European companies such as Mantinga and Brinker Bread to bring you an authentic taste of the Old World. Imported from Lithuania, Mantinga Bread is a family owned company whose high quality products are shipped frozen and baked fresh on site allowing us to bring you authentically European croissants, strudels, and French baguettes. Brinker Bread, a popular German line of baked goods, is an award winning company that uses only high quality ingredients to produce their traditional recipes.

Our goal is to provide you with the best and freshest bakery products, so we make 100% of our bakery items in-house to provide you the finest baked goods we can muster. If you are looking for the freshest baked goods, NetCost has a selection you’ll love.