Have you seen our amazing deli selection? At NetCost, we bring you the highest quality assortment of handpicked products at the most affordable prices around! Our deli section alone boasts cold cuts, select meats and cheeses, sausages, and more- all selected with premium quality in mind to bring you and your family food that they can feel great about.

Of course, when you’re making a mouthwatering deli sandwich, it all starts with the meat! (Unless you’re a vegetarian…. then, of course, feel free to skip to the next paragraph and enjoy a gourmet grilled cheese!) If you are a meat lover, however, our deli section hand makes delicious homemade sausages in addition to the Italian sausage, Polish sausage, Russian sausage and blood sausage that we hand select from only the finest suppliers! If that’s not enough, we have imported salami, Genoa and Hungarian salami, premium imported prosciutto, spicy chorizo, German bologna, Russian bologna, and more!

What’s a deli sandwich without the cheese? We have so many different types of cheese that you might have a hard time narrowing it down. Feel free to try them all! We carry the finest Gouda, Havarti, Asiago, Tallegio, Brie, Fontina, Manchego cheese, mozzarella, smoked cheese, goat cheese, string cheese, and wine cheese. Traditional Greek feta is made with at least 70% sheep’s milk, and NetCost carries only the best feta, Bulgarian feta, even 100% sheep’s milk feta! Whether it’s imported cheese, domestic cheese, hard cheese, or soft cheese, you can rest assured that our products are fresh, delicious, and priced right!

For the brands you love like Boar’s Head, Karl Ehmer, Continental, Columbus, Pick, & Busetto, and a homemade selection of deli meats made fresh in house, come to your neighborhood NetCost. We’re proud to bring you the very finest meats and cheeses!