NetCost’s incredible selection of fine imported and domestic cheeses will leave you with some difficult decisions to make. If you need help narrowing it down, as we think you may, feel free to ask one of our cheese specialists to assist you. It may be a difficult choice, but there is no wrong choice. Each of our delightful cheeses have been hand-selected for their superior flavor, texture, and quality.

Everyone knows the best cheese comes from France! Here are a few of our favorites:


Raw milk brie is known as “The Queen of Cheeses” due to its overwhelming popularity and significance in the history of France. This soft, gooey cheese is named after the region where it was originally created and, if you end up with a tasty wheel of Brie, don’t forget: It’s best served at room temperature for maximum enjoyment of its rich, buttery flavor.


Known for its bluish-green veins, this sheep’s’ milk bleu cheese comes from the south of France. According to recent studies, Roquefort cheese may be the secret to the longevity of the French. There’s some evidence that eating Roquefort cheese can protect you from cardiovascular disease even though it’s high in fat and sodium. Even if it doesn’t, Roquefort is one of the most flavorful cheeses on earth!


First created in Normandy, France in 1791, Marie Harel is credited with first crafting this traditional recipe. Camembert is a raw cow’s milk cheese that is aged and, as it matures, it develops its trademark white rind and smooth, creamy center.

Ok… we do love French cheese, but did you really think we could choose one favorite out of all of the incredible regions and companies from all over the world! Here are some of our favorite brands:


Beemster cheese is made from the milk of cows who graze in the pristine pastures of North Holland. This important ingredient has been known in this region for centuries due to its velvety texture and overt sweetness. Today, their craftsman undergo extensive training under the supervision of their master cheese maker who educates them in the art of their craft and the history of their company.


Who knew that authentic Italian cheeses could be produced right here in the US? This company picked up and moved from Italy to America in 1979, and since then, BelGioioso has been carrying on his great grandfather’s Italian legacy in Wisconsin.

Celebrity: Made in Canada, Celebrity introduces innovative flavors like Cranberry & Cinnamon, Blueberry & Cinnamon, Fig, Honey, Dill, Garlic and Fine Herbs, and Mediterranean. In addition to their fun new recipes, they have introduced innovative practices in their process as well…. Celebrity cheese uses pure, local milk from goats who have been fed roasted soybeans! The end product is delicious, iodine-free, and a great substitute for lactose-intolerant cheese lovers.


This creamy goat cheese is spreadable with a mild flavor. Packaged in their traditional pyramid shape since 1989, Chavrie cheese has a distinctive look and, more importantly, a distinctive flavor. Click here for a fun fact about why Chavrie pyramids have flat tops.


With over 100 years of experience in making superior quality cheeses, Finlandia’s master artisans perfectly craft their superb, traditional recipes from the very best ingredients. Their cheese is known for its richly distinct flavor and the high quality of their products.

Holland Kroon:

In Holland, Kroon is the word for “crown”, and Kroon Cheese takes living up to its lofty name very seriously. The Kroon family started this Dutch enterprise in 1831 making it one of the oldest cheese producers in the world. This classic Dutch company is best known for their red, wax-encased Gouda- a true Dutch classic!

Ile de France:

Their signature label tells the story of Ile de France’s rich history. Take notice of the red, white, and blue ocean liner….Alfred Schratter traveled to America in 1936 on a ship named “Ile de France” which had recently been equipped with refrigeration. Thanks to that ship’s advanced technology, he was the first importer to introduce France’s most famous cheeses to the United States


From family farms in Rolling Hills Estates, California, this company brings a contemporary flavor to the industry. For the last twenty years, their goat cheese crumbles have been made from the milk of select local, independent family farms under the supervision of head cheese master, Jean Rossard. For fun flavors like Apricot & Sage, Pomegranate & Orange Zest, and Sun-dried Tomato Basil, try Montchevre.

President: Founded in 1933 by Andre Besnier, this company produces the number one brand of Brie in France. With more than eighty years of artisanal, French tradition, their variety of specialty cheeses are some of the very best.

Reny Picot:

Located in Benton Harbor, Michigan, this company specializes in crafting soft Bries and buttery Camemberts. While their facilities are state-of-the-art, they stay true to their roots steeped in tradition by implementing age-old techniques despite of today’s technological advancements.

Rosenborg: After World War II, the global demand for French Roquefort was too much to keep up with, so Denmark created their own bleu cheese to help meet the market demand. Since 1927, they’ve been bringing the world award-winning cheeses known for their remarkably intense flavor.


Founded in 1939 by Paolo Sartori, this American company produces exceptional cheese. After four generations of Sartori family management, almost nothing has changed due to their intense focus on history and tradition.


Produced from only the finest ingredients in a revolutionary facility in the Baltics, this company produces the very best fermented cheese that is known for its distinctive, spicy taste and high quality ingredients.

For a taste of our gourmet imported and domestic cheeses, stop in to one of NetCost’s popular weekend sampling events. You’ll want to try them all!