At NetCost, we strive to bring you the best assortment of select, high quality grocery items. In our Philadelphia store, our grocery department carries hard to find, imported brands that your whole family will love. From Russian Pickles to Italian chocolates and French cookies, we represent the finest selection of goods from all around the world!

In our gourmet, pickled section, we feature a great variety of crisp and delicious pickled vegetables including the traditional favorites- Russian pickles, Polish pickles, and German pickles.

On a sweeter note, our imported chocolate selection includes German chocolates, Russian chocolates, Ukrainian chocolates from brands such as Kinder, Milka, Sorini, and, of course, imported Ferrero chocolates. When it comes to imported liquor chocolates, we carry exclusive brands such as Anthon Berg, Bohme, and Asbach- just to name a few!

For more sweet treats, stop by our imported cookie aisle. A favorite amongst our shoppers, Bahlsen’s German cookies have been around for more than 122 years, and Ulker’s Turkish cookies have been a favorite sweet treat since 1944. If you’re looking for French cookies, don’t forget LU- this incredible company got its start in 1850 when two French bakers fell in love and started creating these fine French cookies that we still enjoy today. If that’s not enough of a selection, we also carry Polish cookies and Swiss cookies like Swiss Delice!

Travel around the globe in our international spice aisle. Our great spice assortment features a wide array of spices from all over the world to allow you to create authentic, global recipes right in your own kitchens.

When it comes to beverages, NetCost has it all! Imported juices, imported sodas like our delicious French sodas from Musette and Lorina, and premium imported teas. If you are looking for Ceylon tea, loose-leaf teas, or teas from the brands you love like Ahmad, Twinings, Akbar, Mighty Leaf, The Republic of Tea, Rishi, Alvita, Health Kings or Yogi, come in to NetCost to check out our huge variety of premium teas!

Who doesn’t love enjoying their tea with the finest imported honeys? We import German honey from favorites like Langnese and Breitsamer as well as Amish honey from local farms in Lancaster, PA.

When it comes to selection and variety, NetCost triumphs over the competition. Not only does our imported selection allow you a wide range of choices for your specific taste, but we are also equally committed to bringing you only the highest quality goods that you can be proud to serve to your families and guests.