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Our produce department has everything you could ever need including local produce, organic produce, and seasonal produce… but it’s our sheer variety of delicate berries, fresh herbs, vine-ripened tomatoes, imported fruits, crisp leafy greens, exotic mushrooms, uncommon root vegetables, and cruciferous green vegetables that sets us apart from the rest!

Based on a typical 2,000 calorie per day diet, Harvard’s School of Public Health recommends nine servings of fruits and vegetables each day!! Shake up your typical routine with our great selection of tropical fruits like star fruit, passion fruit, guava, and Asian fruits in our exotic produce section. We also carry exotic vegetables, a wide variety of citrus fruits packed with immune boosting Vitamin C, and an extensive selection of healthy greens known for being low in fat, high in fiber, and full of health protecting vitamins and minerals!

If you’re looking for everyone’s favorite green fruit, the avocado, we have avocados in stock everyday at a variety of different maturation levels. If you’re looking for ripe avocados to make homemade guacamole tonight or avocados just a few days from their prime, we want to make sure that you always enjoy them at the peak of perfection. If you love ripe, juicy melons, NetCost carries watermelon and honeydew melon year round so that you can enjoy a taste of the summer even in the cold winter months!

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