Unless you’re out on a fishing boat reeling in tonight’s dinner yourself, you can’t find fresher seafood than in NetCost’s seafood department. With a world-renowned variety of the best caviar, smoked fish, fresh-caught fish filets, and the biggest selection of gourmet delicacies from the sea, NetCost is Philadelphia’s finest seafood market.

Dating back to the Middle Ages, caviar has been known as the ultimate indulgence- a gastronomic treat that is meant to be savored and fully enjoyed. If you’re a caviar aficionado, you know that fish roe are the eggs of the fish while caviar is roe that has been cured and aged to perfection. At NetCost, we carry a great selection of both! If you’re looking for red caviar, black caviar, Ossetra caviar, Sturgeon caviar, Beluga caviar, or Russian caviar, you can find it here at NetCost. Our refined, high-quality selection features only premium brands such as Gourmanoff, Peter Pan, Olma, Marky’s, & D’artagnan.

Do you know that nutritionists from around the world widely recognize salmon as a high-quality protein rich in Omega 3 fatty acids? NetCost has a wide variety of salmon to suit every palate. In addition to our delicious salmon filets, we carry salmon caviar, smoked salmon, salmon lox, lox chunks, and salmon roe!

If you love smoked fish, NetCost’s gourmet selection is sure to tantalize your tastebuds. Our quality assortment features a wide variety of delectable smoked fish that is sure to please. We have cold smoked and hot smoked options- both equally delicious but both with their own distinctive flavor profiles. Our customers’ favorites include our smoked trout, smoked sea bass, and smoked mackerel. But that’s not all! We also have smoked paddlefish, smoked butterfish, smoked semga, smoked turbot, and more. Stop by to see our full product assortment!

Wait – don’t forget about our fresh fish counter! Each day, we display the finest pieces of cod, branzino, salmon, carp, river trout, lake trout, Chilean seabass, whiting, and flounder for a taste you’re sure to love and a price that you’ll only find here at your favorite neighborhood grocer. If you love seafood, hurry in to NetCost Market where the selection is always impressive and the quality is the best of the best.