Have you been to our Blue Grass Plaza location? If not, we’ll just come right out and tell you what you’re missing…the self-serve prepared foods section! With multicultural dishes made fresh in-house each day, our brand new department has homemade, healthy dishes for everyone’s busy lives.

Cooking in Philadelphia will never be the same again. Why slave away in a sweltering kitchen all summer when you can choose from our amazing assortment of fresh, delicious menu items? We know you want to feed your family a healthy and home cooked dinner, but who said that you have to be the one doing the cooking?

Let us do the hard part. Using only high-quality ingredients, our talented master chefs prepare dozens of dishes from scratch each day in our state of the art kitchen facilities. Our fusion cuisine features an excellent selection of dishes from a variety of different cultures to suit any and every palette!

We have a wide range of appetizers, meals, salads, and side dishes- including 40 kinds of salads and 55 different homemade meals that we rotate to keep our selection fresh and exciting! Each day, we prepare four types of hot, homemade soup. Pair a bowl with one of our unique salads for a lighter dinner.

If you want something a little more hearty, our eclectic fusion cuisine selection includes European stews, pierogies, stuffed cabbage, beef stroganoff, baked fish in tomato sauce, and beef liver. We also have homestyle classics like herb roasted chicken, sauteed shrimp, prime beef, slow cooked pork, baked tilapia, grilled salmon, cod, and more!

Our fabulous assortment of fresh salads includes Baku salad, Turkish Salad, Herring Salad, Beet and Prune Salad, White Fish Salad, and Seaweed Salad. And, don’t forget the side dishes! We have sauteed cabbage, roasted potatoes, rice pilaf with chicken and lamb, grilled vegetables, and much more!

Grabbing dinner for your family on the run doesn’t have to be difficult. You can still feed your family whole foods, home cooked with love and made with healthy, premium ingredients. Taste the difference in the quality of our prepared foods. At NetCost, we take pride in offering you plenty of exciting options to keep dinner interesting, delicious, healthy and homemade. We welcome you to visit our new Blue Grass Plaza location for a firsthand look at our new self-serve, prepared foods department. No waiting in lines during the dinner rush hour- just stop in, make your selections, check out with one of our friendly staff members, and you’re on your way. (The hardest part will probably be narrowing down just which delicious option you’ll choose!)

If you don’t have time to cook, grab a meal on the go, and feel great knowing that you are feeding your family the quality, whole foods they love. Save yourself some time and stop by NetCost to pick up dinner tonight!