Do you have any idea what Rambutan is?


Rambutan is that kind of fruit, that most of the people never heard of…

You think Lychee? Nah. It’s not Lychee at all!

Some history…

Rambutan is native to Malay Archipelago. It literally means “hairy” in native language. Even though the origins of this fruit are tied to Southeast Asia, it is imported everywhere around the world. For US population it grows as close as Mexico and Hawaiian people have close access to it as well.

One of the most exotic fruit of the planet Earth


It’s named Superfruit, because of great health benefits it carriers for us. It is as cute as Sea Urchin. Rambutan is red colored outside and white inside. The flowers of the tree have sweet aroma and can be used in flower bouquets.  

The fruit of Rambutan has amazing taste and much nutritional value:

1) Anti-Oxidants inside the fruit carry Anti-Cancer properties.


2) Being a “hairy” fruit it does have great health benefits for your hair too!

3) Helps remove waste from Kidneys


4) Gallic acid inside Rambutan helps eliminate free radicals and protect against the damage due to oxidation.


5) Boosts immunity and prevents diseases.


6) Makes your skin look better by hydrating and making it soft.


7) The fruit of Rambutan is rich in calcium, phosphorus and iron, which helps keep your bones strong.


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