Eat and Lose Weight

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Whenever it comes to losing weight, we all know what to do, right? Just eat less! Eat less and move more… that’s the advice that was floating around for a very long time. But, what if the advice was wrong, or at least in part wrong?

Many people aiming to lose those pesky pounds are already eating reduced calories, and struggle the closer they get to their target. Many people are under eating from the start! Your body needs a surprising amount of calories just to function on a daily basis, they’re needed for everyday stuff like breathing and for your internal organs especially the heart to function properly. Which is why we can definitely tell you avoiding food is not a good idea!  It’s time to scrap the cookie cutter diet of 1200 calories or less and embrace the eating more movement! Proper nutrition for your body can help you feel mentally and physically stronger, it keeps your immune system fighting, your mind attentive and can even help you lose weight.



Breakfast is an important meal in your day, currently, you may find yourself eating a minuscule bowl of muesli or sugary coated cereal. Ditch it. Create yourself a protein packed start to the day. Lean bacon or a delicious omelet with a bit of spinach are guaranteed to keep you fuller for longer and your taste buds will be happy. Don’t be worried to invest more calories in your breakfast, you’ll find it easier to resist tempting snacks and treats before lunch.


Volumize your meals with more fruit and vegetables! It’s simple really, everyone knows that fruit and veg are packed full of vitamins and nutrients that our bodies need and love so why not eat more? Maybe you’re worried because you heard that the average banana is 24g of carbs? Or that too many apples and oranges will make you fat? Stop and think, have you ever heard of something getting overweight from just eating too much fruit? Noppppeee. It’s good for you! It’s energy and a great source of micronutrients so make sure you’re packing out meals with extra vegetables or salad and opt for fruit snacks when you get a sweet craving.



There are many who have “the fear” of carbohydrates, and thanks to diets such as the Atkins diet lots of us think that cutting carbs is the way to lose weight. You don’t need to cut carbs or any food group to lose weight! You simply need to eat a slight calorie deficit and to be eating a balanced diet of protein, carbohydrates, fats and other micronutrients. Cutting out food is a sure fire way to make you crave it, it encourages episodes of binging and makes your diet impractical and unsustainable.


Quality is key when it comes to selecting foods. When choosing what to eat opt for food that is nutritious, food that will give you energy and keep you fuller for longer. Buying fresh produce gives you not just health benefits, it’s also a great way to get creative and have a little fun in the kitchen. All your favorite “cheat” meals can be given a healthy makeover and you can add in extra greens, while also making healthy exchanges such as swapping plain fries for fancy oven baked sweet potato fries or switching to leaner cuts of meat. With quality food choices of unprocessed, fresh ingredients you’ll be able to eat more and feel better!