Eat Organic Food Without Draining Your Budget

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Organic eating is on the rise, and with the increased awareness of the health risks caused by pesticides used on crops, it’s probably a good thing! But, good health often comes at a cost, and unfortunately, brands and large grocery store chains sometimes charge extortionate prices simply because products are labeled “organic”. At NetCost Market we want to fight back! Which is why we’ve come up with some handy tips to make organic shopping more affordable for all.


When shopping, buying in bulk is always cheaper and this goes the same when shopping for organic goods. Try buying large packets of fruit, vegetables, meat and dried goods and then utilizing the space in your refrigerator or freezer to keep it fresher for longer!

Eat with the seasons

Modern shopping habits have made us so used to buying whatever we want whenever we want, but shopping for fruit and vegetables that are in season is a much cheaper option. This is especially the case for organic products as they don’t contain preservatives meaning there is a demand for them to be sold quicker. Seasonal fruit and vegetables are often harvested in abundance, driving down the price so you can get a good deal!

Pass on processed products

Processed foods such as candies, potato chips, cookies, sodas and other snacks can sometimes be labeled as “organic”, but often this just means that various ingredients are organic and certainly does not mean they are lower in salt, sugar or fat. What’s more, they’re often way overpriced for what you get and will make your eyes pop at your shopping bill. It’s quite simple, avoid these and save money!

Watch out for a weekly special

Special deals change on a weekly basis, so it’s good to know when the grocery store sets its deals. Nowadays, this can often be done using the internet. By planning your meals around organic products offered in special weekly deals, you can regularly save on otherwise costly items, really bringing the shopping bill down while retaining your organic diet!

Make the most of Affordable Organic Options

At NetCost Market, we have this great monthly deal called NetCost Organic Options, where we lower the prices of major brand and home labeled goods as well as basic groceries to give you the best prices when eating organic. We do this because everyone deserves the option of an organic diet at an affordable price and because we believe that promoting organic products really can change the eating habits of a lifetime!

NetCost Market really believes that organic eating is the way forward, which is why we’ve compiled this simple list of effective techniques to get you eating organic at prices that your wallet will love! Try popping in store today and making the most of our Affordable Organics range, but also to check out our range of bulk-buy organic products and seasonal fruit and vegetables that can all help you save some extra dollars for a rainy day!