Exploring New Cuisines

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In this day and age, people have become used to accessing food from around the world right on their doorstep. This globalization of food has had a major impact on the American population’s taste buds, with spicy, sweet, and sour sensations from around the world charming us and having us give up our title of favorite food to a whole host of worldly dishes. You might not have even thought past the enjoyment of the food, but there are actually real benefits to eating a varied diet. If branching out to new cuisines isn’t something you do, or you feel like your typical American diet is getting a little monotonous, here’s some food for thought where exploring new cuisines is concerned.

Variety is a great way to keep food interesting

Many people find themselves eating the same food day in day out, eventually sucking all the enjoyment out of eating and turning the experience into a way of merely keeping the body fuelled. To make sure you do not fall into this trap, it’s a good idea to try new and tasty cuisines regularly! A good rule to go by is to try everything at least once, that way if you really don’t like something, at least you can say it’s because you’ve tried it! For parents, this is also a great way to keep children engaged in meal times!

It makes eating healthy fun

The stigma that eating healthy food simply means devouring copious amounts of zero calorie leaves is slowly being eroded away, largely down to the introduction of exciting ethnic food from around the world that is flavourful but also slimming. A great example of this is Borscht, a hearty but healthy beet-based soup found in several European countries including Ukraine, Belarus, Poland, Romania, Lithuania, and Russia. Variations of this soup include lamb or beef Borscht, which are high in essential proteins and vitamins, but low in refined sugars and saturated trans-fats.


Introduce yourself to new cultures

The multicultural, globalized world we live in means we no longer need to travel hundreds of miles to experience new cultures as we find ourselves surrounded by exciting new languages, tastes and smells right where we live! The best way to embrace this multi-ethnic world we live in is through food, which brings people of all faiths, ethnicities, and cultures together. Many cuisines include sharing food designed for just this purpose, so it would be a real shame not to get stuck in with the local community. Why not try caviar-stuffed new potatoes from Russia, a hearty chicken and eggplant soup from Serbia, or even tasty grilled cevapi in some flatbread all the way from Bosnia, better yet invite your friends and neighbors over each pick a country and make a dish!

Enjoying good food is one of the most natural pleasures in the world, and it expands across all cultures and ethnicities, holding the power to bring people of all faiths together. Living in the age we do with all the foods of the world right at our doorstep, it would be ridiculous to pass up the opportunity to dive in at the deep end and get stuck in! So, next time you visit us at NetCost take your time, explore the aisles and pick up something that you’ve never tried before…