Food Trends Predictions for 2018

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As we move into another year we at NetCost Market thought it would be a good idea to check out the expected food trends for 2018! In 2017 we saw the continued success of sourdough bread, a rise in the popularity of pickles and ferments, and a focus on zero waste cooking. While these trends are set to continue into 2018, we also expect new, exciting trends to pop up, making 2018 the most thrilling year for culinary creativity we have seen so far!

High-Tech Cooking – 2018 will bring an even closer convergence of food and technology, making it the year when science and eating really become intertwined! One of the expected successes is Heme, a vegan substitute for meat that has been hailed as the answer to imitation meat products. Created by a tech-food startup, Impossible Foods, this new substance perfectly imitates the juices, blood, and texture found in real meat, possibly changing our relationship with the humble hamburger!

Looking Local – The last few years have seen a growing trend emerge around locally sourced food. As awareness has been increasing regarding the carbon footprint associated with the transportation and production of food, people have realized the need to eat locally. Expect to see more food labeled as “locally-sourced”, bringing regional food items and meals back into the mainstream!

Hawaiian Food – Health food enthusiasts have recently discovered the Poke Bowl, a typical everyday Hawaiian dish that will soon be gracing the shores of the mainland USA. With ingredients similar to sushi, such as seaweed, avocado, raw or pickled fish, and fresh vegetables, this healthy dish can be made using a whole host of ingredients. The customisable nature of the meal means it can be adapted to anyone’s taste, which we expect will make it an instant hit across the country!

Alcohol-Free Beverages – Continuing with our health-based theme, we expect the trend of exciting alcohol-free drinks to continue. Young people are drinking less alcohol than previous generations due to health concerns surrounding alcohol consumption and its rising cost. As a result, companies have begun to adapt by producing interesting alcohol-free alternatives that resonate with this change in drinking habits. Expect to see more alcohol-free drinks such as botanical mixes, non-alcoholic spirits, and premium sodas and tonics.

Good for the Gut – The link between bacteria in the stomach and overall health is being addressed on a regular basis. Natural probiotic products such as Kefir, Aryan, and Quark have been on the rise and we expect this trend to continue. Furthermore, we expect to see natural probiotic fermented products such as kimchi, miso-based products, and galangal make more regular appearances on our restaurant menus and our grocery store shelves!

2018 looks to be one of the most exciting years yet with regards to food trends and ideas, the shift away from purely taste-based food qualities, to a more health-based approach is truly interesting! Producers are starting to realize that consumers are just as interested in how food products make you feel as well as how good they taste. So, look out for some of these exciting health-orientated food trends in the coming year and get involved with all the up to date ideas in the world of culinary creativity!