Fresh Seafood Market in Philadelphia

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If you love fresh seafood, let NetCost reel in today’s fresh catch. With the widest selection of quality seafood, NetCost’s seafood market has got your family covered!

It’s no secret that eating fish promotes a healthy lifestyle. As a good source of vitamins and essential minerals, many nutritionists recommend consuming at least two fish dishes per week. This high-protein, low-fat food can be easily incorporated into any diet.

Salmon, in particular, is highly regarded as a rich source of Omega-3 fatty acids which provides many health benefits for children and adults alike. Omega-3’s can improve cognitive development for children, help provide a defense against depression and improve cardiovascular health for teens and young adults, and reduce the chances of Rheumatoid arthritis and memory loss for older adults. In short, everyone in your family can benefit from eating more fish!

When considering what type of fish to serve your family for dinner, it’s also important to consider wild seafood versus farmed seafood. This topic is largely debated as both have positive and negative attributes; in either instance, it’s important to note that a well-rounded diet includes fish. Whether farm-raised or wild caught, eating seafood ensures that your diet is packed with protein, vitamins, and nutrients. At NetCost, you’ll find a quality selection of freshly caught seafood that will appeal to your palate and benefit your health.

Our local seafood market boasts a variety of river fish and ocean fish, from salmon, carp, and flounder, to river trout, cod, perch, basa, branzino, dorado, trout, sturgeon, and smelts! You can find these selections and more at our fresh fish counter.

Fish isn’t the only thing you’ll find at Philadelphia’s best seafood market. NetCost offers other delicacies from the sea such as oysters, mussels, crabs, caviar, and shrimp. Looking for something more exotic??? We even offer frog legs!

Not sure how to prepare our selection of gourmet seafood? You can check out NetCost’s website for delicious seafood recipes or ask any one of our friendly employees in the seafood department. They have plenty of knowledge to share on how to best grill, steam, or fry your way to a tasty meal. If you’re short on time and need dinner in a hurry, NetCost also offers seafood soups and seafood salads.

NetCost’s seafood market guarantees the finest quality and the best selection of products. Our competitive prices make NetCost a one-stop shop for the foods you love at prices you can afford!