Fueling for Cold Weather – Winter Nutrition Tips

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As the temperature starts to drop, so can our will and motivation towards healthy eating. For the majority of us, the icy-cold weather keeping us house-bound, the festive celebrations and all the treats – this can all often be too much and things get out of hand very quickly!

Maintaining our nutritional intake during the winter months can be challenging. However, with some careful planning, we can boost your immunity, mood and avoid those unnecessary calories this winter. Here are our top tips for winter nutrition:


Keeping up your Vitamin D

Studies show that there is a link between the consumption of vitamin D and the immune system. During the spring, summer, and part of autumn, the sun is usually able to provide us with the vitamin D we need. However, as the sun’s positioning changes during winter, our bodies need a bit of extra help to top up that “sunshine vitamin”. Try including some fortified milk or yogurt, cheese or eggs. Why not reach for some camembert on your next grocery haul to not only top up your vitamin D but also to get your calcium boost! This creamy cheese has up to 30% less fat than harder cheese, part of the reason it’s one of our nutritionist’s choices this month!


Fruit and Vegetables; the mighty duo

Seasons change but your body’s requirements will always be the same. Aim to eat at least 5 portions of fruit and vegetables each day. Different fruit/vegetables contain different variations of vitamins, fiber and a range of other nutrients. It’s quick, simple and easy! And to make sure you achieve your fruity-veggy target, NetCost Market ensures that there is always a variety regardless of the time of year. Our red delicious apples and fresh cranberries are currently reduced, allowing a massive up to 44% saving!


Keep hydrated this winter

Despite the cold weather, we still need to be keeping ourselves hydrated with around 6-8 glasses of water a day; that is around 1.2 liters. Water helps cleanse the body and keep us functioning at optimum levels throughout the day. With all this said, at NetCost Market Philadelphia we provide a wide selection of all your favorite bottled waters. From Borjomi to Evian, NetCost Market has them all! Now if water it a struggle for you, then another good way to keep hydrated is through herbal tea! This is a nice way to keep your water levels up and enjoy a little flavor too.


Add a garlic-twist

Garlic has been used for its disease-combatting abilities for hundreds of years and it still used today for this reason! Not only can it help your kick your immune system into gear; it’ll add a nice kick to your meals as well. For maximum benefit, chop the garlic and allow it to stand for 10 to 15 minutes before adding it to your dish.


Reducing Salt and Sugar

The majority of the salt we eat actually comes already in the foods we eat. That’s why it is important to reduce any added salt you may add to foods to make sure we don’t overdo it. It is also the same story with sugar, keep an eye on the amounts you are eating could help prevent future health problems and you going up a size after Christmas!


Fish, Fish, and more Fish!

Not particularly a food associated with the winter season – but boy should they! Fish are an excellent source of protein and contain a wide range of essential and nonessential vitamins and minerals. Aim to eat two portions of fish a week, this includes oily-fish such as tuna, mackerel, and salmon. Need there be more of a reason not to check out our offers in store this month on a selection of fish? Believe us, there isn’t anything fishy about our prices! Keep those vitamin stores high by trying our Gold Star Mackerel, now at only $4.99 – that’s a super saving of $1.50/lb!