Get Back On Track After The Festive Season!

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After the most indulgent time of the year, your body is in dire need of some true TLC! January should be a time to give your brain, muscle, and stomach a reboot, but so many of us allow the overeating and drinking to drag on well into January. NetCost Market has devised a simple yet essential list of tips that you can follow to get yourself back on track to being your usual productive and healthy self!

Protein-Rich Breakfasts. Eating a breakfast that is rich in protein is a great way to get control of your diet again. Protein-rich foods keep you fuller for longer and will suppress urges to dip into rich fatty foods like chocolate and cake that you have become accustomed to over the festive period. Try having a substantial breakfast of boil or fried eggs with low-fat bacon, or for the veggies out there, a bowl of low-fat quark with honey and fresh berries!

Kick the Processed Food. Processed foods keep you hooked with their high salt and fat contents, which are addictive over a short period of time. Try avoiding these as much as possible! The first week will be difficult, but after that, your body will stop craving those E numbers and feel much better for it. Instead, try snacking on fruits such as apples, which are high in soluble fiber and keep you fuller for longer. Making yourself some healthy homemade snack alternatives is also a great idea. Spicy baked chickpeas and kale chips are two great options that will help you wean yourself off the bad stuff and onto the good! You can also try including some dried fruit and nuts.

Spice (and Herb) it Up! So-called “healthy” food has a reputation of being bland, boring and a chore to eat. Many people think you need to close your eyes and hold your nose when eating anything green or unprocessed, but we know this is not true! Using a good array of herbs and spices will help you stick to your healthy, post-Christmas diet as it will enrich your food with great flavor, as well as providing high amounts of vitamins and minerals that are essential to wellbeing. Try adding a handful of chopped parsley or cilantro to your salads to really bring out the flavor, and stop you reverting back to fatty, salty alternatives.

Avoid the Booze. Most people drink rather excessively at Christmas, and due to alcohol’s short-term addictive properties, it can be difficult to stop drinking after this time, meaning the party period extends right into January. Switching the booze and sugary drinks for water, herbal tea, and black coffee will do wonders to your health and more importantly, your mental wellbeing, giving you the willpower to stick to your dietary goals and get back on track!

The post-Christmas period takes a little bit of getting used to. As the festive season ends and the winter blues set in, it’s time to start thinking seriously about how you’re going to get your body back to its usual productive self. Try following our simple yet crucial tips above to ensure you have a healthy and successful January, and kick the year off how you mean to continue!