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Organic food is fruit and vegetables that have been grown without the use of pesticides and herbicides or meat from livestock that is raised without the use of antibiotics or growth hormones. Over the last decade or so, organic food has become an increasingly popular choice for Americans and with good reason! Not only does eating organic mean you avoid ingesting potentially harmful chemicals, but it actually contains higher amounts of health-boosting, vitamin-rich nutrients that help the body’s cells repair and boosts the immune system.

But organic food is super expensive, right? Wrong! Luckily for you, at NetCost Market we’re dedicated to bringing our customers great organic produce at unbeatable prices. In fact, we’re so passionate about offering quality without the cost that we developed our NetCost Organic Options Monthly Program, meaning you and your family can eat a healthy, organic diet without breaking the bank! Below are some of our current offers, but make sure you keep your eyes peeled for our continuously evolving organic range.

Suja Assorted Fruit Juices – Suja organic fruit juice is the perfect way to start the day, giving your body the vitamin and fiber boost it needs to get going. The juice range features fun titled flavor combinations such as  “Fuel” (carrot and mango), “Purify” (carrot and apple) and “Fiji” (Fiji apple and celery), so you’re sure to find a brew that’s suited to your wants and needs!

Blue Sky Soda – Soda doesn’t need to be full of additives and preservatives. Blue Sky have created a tasty alternative to conventional soda that uses ingredients free of pesticides, preservatives and GMO produce. The natural ingredients used in the manufacturing process make this soda unbeatable for the good it does your body, but also unbeatable on taste!

Green Valley Cream Cheese – Green Valley have created a delicately flavored, smooth cream cheese made entirely from milk produced by organically raised cattle. The soft flavor is perfect for baking sweet treats such as cheesecake, or for simply spreading on a bagel before topping with some fresh organic smoked salmon or crispy bacon.

Truroots Chia Seeds – Chia seeds have been touted as one of the top superfoods as they are full of omega-3 fatty acids, fiber, and vital minerals. Truroots organic chia seeds offer even higher concentrations of all these good properties due to the organic farming process from which they derive. There’s no better alternative for giving your body the nutrients that it needs and deserves!

Bibigo Korean BBQ Sauce – Sauces and marinades are typically packed full of additives, preservatives, and GMO ingredients. Bibigo has shunned the norm and created one of the best tasting and healthiest BBQ sauces on the market. Using exclusively organic ingredients, this BBQ sauce tastes even better than the alternative and ensures your body is not exposed to potentially harmful chemicals.

The benefits of eating organic are plain for everyone to see, but the cost has always been the sticking point for many people. Well now, with the NetCost Market Organic Options Monthly Program, you can enjoy all the benefits of organic without suffering at the checkout. Go online at netcostphilly.com/affordable-organic-options to check out all the upcoming organic deals we have to offer!