Going Green: How You Can Eat More Environmentally Friendly

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There is a lot of awareness nowadays about how we impact the environment and it’s becoming increasingly important that we all do our part. While it may seem like there’s little room for improvement with the environmental impact of how we buy food and eat, there are some simple yet effective ways that we can all reduce our influence through our eating habits. Here at NetCost Market, we want to keep the world as green as we can, so we’ve got some quick and easy tips to help you do your part!

Reduce waste

On average, Americans waste nearly 1 pound of food per person per day! While lots of this food comes from restaurants and other food businesses wasting unused products, a large proportion does come from American households. Lots of this waste is transported to landfill where it’s either incinerated or left to rot, releasing harmful greenhouse gases into the atmosphere and speeding up global warming. To help reduce this, it’s a good idea to think about how you can use all the food you have in the house before it goes out of date, keep leftovers in storage containers after meals, and freeze fresh produce if it’s not going to be used before it goes off!

Use less packaging

At NetCost Market, we’re certainly aware of the problems to do with food packaging, which is why we try where possible to use as little as we can. However, there is still lots to be done, and by choosing options that use less packaging, you as the consumer can send a message to food companies that you want them to take notice of their impact on the environment!

Eat local

One of the most effective ways you can help the environment is to eat locally sourced, seasonal produce. There are a number of benefits, including lower transport-related carbon emissions, less time needed in cold storage – another large producer of emissions, and less waste due to spoiling food. All of these reasons make buying locally the best option for helping the environment. Of course, we know that not everything you buy can come from the surrounding areas, but here at NetCost Market, we believe in local produce, which is why we do our bit by providing you with quality, seasonal fruit, vegetables, and meat from local producers.

Reduce your meat and dairy consumption

There’s lots of evidence that meat and dairy farming has a huge impact on the environment as oxygen producing trees are cut down to make way for carbon dioxide producing livestock. Of course, we are not saying that everyone should go vegan, but cutting down the amount of meat and dairy we consume would really make a large difference environmentally. One of the best ways to do this is to try our meatless and dairy-free products.

Grow your own food or go organic

Aside from the mental health benefits that come with having a vegetable garden, there are great environmental benefits too! You will be getting rid of any transport-related emissions, while also providing a safe haven for bugs and insects that are so important to the ecosystem that we and our produce depend on. If gardening is simply not for you, try our organic produce!

Doing your bit for the environment is easy, but so many of us don’t think about it often enough. Next time you’re in the store, planning a meal, or even clearing out the fridge, think about how you can really help reduce your impact on the environment with your shopping, cooking, and eating habits.