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NetCost Market is proud to announce the introduction of Gourmanza, the online shopping experience for gourmet food! After consulting with our valued customers about their shopping experience at NetCost Market, it became clear that many wanted a more flexibility in the form of online shopping. So, in the true spirit of NetCost, you asked and we have delivered. It’s time to get acquainted with Gourmanza, the online one-stop shop that provides not only convenience but also the highest quality products sourced from all over the world.

To celebrate the introduction of Gourmanza and because we value the loyalty of our long-term customers as welcoming new customers through our (virtual) doors, we are offering 10% off all first orders over $25 with the code FIRST10OVER25. We’re also offering free standard shipping on all orders over $100, and shipping for only $4.99 on orders between $50 and $100, so there’s plenty of reason to choose Gourmanza!

To give you an idea of what you could be missing, here is a selection of some of our highest quality products that we know you’ll love!


Caviar is the crème de la crème of party foods, and it transforms any run of the mill gathering into a sophisticated, high-quality event. At Gourmanza, we are proud of the selection of Caviars we have on offer and our expert product sourcing team has worked diligently to give you, the customer, the best choice of high-quality caviar. CPM Old Russian Style Caviar is one of our favorites, with a smooth flavor and great texture, it brings some of the old worlds into the new!

Cured Meats

Cured meat can be the centerpiece of any meal, whether at a dinner party of a simple lunch on a warm summer’s day, but the most important aspect is the quality of the meat itself. At Gourmanza, we ensure all our meat comes from reputable, high-quality suppliers, but we also ensure the flavor, texture, and freshness is of the highest excellence, so you the customer, can be sure you’re getting the real deal. Try our Alef Moscow Style Salami for the real flavor of the old country, you won’t regret it!


No table is complete without high quality, excellent tasting cheese, and we provide the best quality cheese going! Like with all our products, our team have selected our cheese range with the customer in mind, and using their expert knowledge, they have crafted a selection that will fit any dinner party. Two of our favorites are Henini’s Raw Milk Gouda, which has a mild and nutty flavor, and Excalibur 12 month aged Vintage English Cheddar, which has a sharp flavor but is smooth on the tongue and insatiably moreish.

Customer care and high-quality produce are the main mission goals that drive NetCost Market, and subsequently, Gourmanza, to endeavor to be the best. By using this two-pronged approach to business, we believe we can bring an online shopping experience that will not only change people’s shopping habits but will also bring high quality imported and locally produced products into the mainstream through convenience and our use of expert product knowledge. To find out more and begin your online shopping experience with Gourmanza, visit our website at www.gourmanza.com, and dive into a world where luxury meets convenience.