Gourmet, Imported Coffee Brands


NetCost Market always has the best selection of high-quality products from around the world. In our coffee section, we have an incredible assortment of gourmet, imported brands featuring expertly roasted beans from the world’s most respected regions.

Here are our top 11 favorites:

1. Carte Noire:

To capture the best aroma and flavor of their beans, master roasters oversee their unique process called the Fire and Ice Roasting technique. The name comes from utilizing both fire and ice to seal in the best characteristics of the bean. Using a shower of ice-cold water, they instantly stop the roasting process locking in both the flavor and aroma.

2. Dallmayr:

Located in Munich, Germany, this company is known for carefully tracking their beans from their source all the way through to the end product. Ethiopian Arabica beans are the basis of most of their blends –the harvested plants either grow wild in the forest or on small farms. Once hand selected, the beans go through a lengthy scrutinization process where experts sample up to 400 cups of coffee every day!

3. Davidoff:

Made from 100% Arabica beans that are selected by in-house sommeliers, this full-bodied blend is produced by the Swiss based family business that’s known for bringing a bit of luxury to everyday life. They source their raw ingredients from mountainous regions with very specific growing conditions that allow the fruits to ripen for as long as possible.

4. Elite:

This Israeli company got their start in 1958 making instant coffee which launched them successfully to the top of their market. Today, they continue to produce their instant blend along with a range of coffees and espressos.

5. Gevalia:

Rich-never bitter- this Swedish kaffe, as the Swede’s call it, has been a favorite of royals since 1853. Expert buyers source their coffee beans from all over the world.

6. Illy:

Now being ran by the third generation of the Illy family, this company was started in Trieste, Italy- the port town where coffee first came to Europe- by the man who invented the espresso machine, Francesco Illy. While they’ve moved into innovative machines and coffee capsules, their traditional Signature Blend remains their main offering with nine Arabica beans from four continents making up this age old recipe.

7. Jacobs:

Jacobs is said to have the best aroma of all coffees! When Johann Jacobs started the company in Bremen, Germany in 1895, he began roasting his own beans using his famous heightened sense of taste. Today, he continues to roast each bean according to the variety’s specific structure and character.

8. Lavazza:

This Italian company has allowed innovation to distinguish them from the rest. Their busy research and development team is focused on improving the coffee itself, the materials and packaging they use to keep their product fresh, and their machines and systems-like their well-known state of the art espresso systems.

9. Mount Hagen:

From modest beginnings as a shop selling green, unroasted coffee beans, Mount Hagen has become a globally popular certified organic brand that prides themselves in their commitment to the environment and fair partnership with the growers. Without any chemicals, pesticides, or fungicides, Mount Hagen delivers a product made from the highest quality raw ingredients.

10. Tastle:

What’s interesting about this company is that, while their plants are based in Europe, they conducted extensive research on the US market before developing their product line. They surveyed all 50 states about their flavor preferences before launching their American blends.

11. Tchibo:

When they first started out in 1949, innovators Max Herz and Carl Tchiling Hiryan were selling mail order coffee that customers could request to be sent packed in tin or sewn into a fabric pouch. Today, the German based company represents a range of products from decaf coffee to espresso and have a huge international following.