Grab and Go Shakes

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We all know that feeling when you wake up and all you want to do is put your alarm on snooze and roll over and steal an extra  10… or even 20 minutes in bed! The problem is, that you then spend the rest of your morning rushing around, making a mess of breakfast or even sacrificing it all together. They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day and avoiding it can lead you to snack later in the day… The solution? A healthy, filling and quick, Grab-and-Go shake! Here at NetCost Market, we have come up with some simple, healthy and filling shakes that you can sip on your way to work. This way you can squeeze in that extra sleep, while ensuring you have a healthy, filling breakfast to start your day!

Banana Berry Bomb

This sweet shake is full of fiber and slow release carbs to get your day started and keep you going through to lunchtime. In a smoothie maker, simply place 1 chopped banana, 4 oz of frozen berries, 2 oz muesli or oats, 2 tbsp low-fat plain yogurt, and a splash of milk. Whizz the mixture until the berries are fully blended, pop into your smoothie container and consume on your way to work, in the car or on the subway!

NAH! (Nuts About Honey)

Although it’s called NAH, it should really be called “Yeahhhhh”,  you’ll see when you taste this tasty shake for the first time! This shake uses protein-packed nuts and yogurt to keep your stomach full all the way to lunchtime, and is infused with honey to give you a little morning boost! Just take a small handful of almonds, walnuts, and hazelnuts, 4oz almond milk, 2 tbsp low-fat yogurt, 2oz oats and 1 tbsp honey and whizz it together in a smoothie maker. This mixture is packed full of essential minerals and vitamins and is the perfect start to the day for your body!

Green Green Grass

For those who want a super low calorie start to the day, but still want to feel full, this smoothie offers the perfect solution! Take a 3-inch length of cucumber, chopped into pieces, a teaspoon of chopped ginger, a handful of raw spinach, a whole apple (diced), half a cup of chopped cilantro, a tbsp of honey and a drizzle of water. Whizz it up until all the lumps have gone, and get it down the hatch! Despite the unappealing ingredients list, this smoothie is actually very tasty and can be consumed at any time of the day as a natural vitamin boost!

Have Your Cake and DRINK it too!

Ever come across an uneaten brownie, cupcake or even half-eaten birthday cake that has started to go stale and no longer looks appealing? So often these get thrown away, but why not turn it into a tasty breakfast shake? Simply put it in the smoothie maker with 4 oz milk and 2 tbsp yogurt and whizz it until it makes a tasty sweet mi! Try adding ingredients that complement the flavor of cake. For example, you may want to add some strawberries to a Victoria sponge, or some peanut butter to a nice chocolate brownie before you whizz it up!

Don’t let tiredness or a busy schedule come between you and your breakfast, take some time back by getting organized and converting to the tasty, healthy and speedy Grab-and-Go morning shake! NetCost Market has all the ingredients you need to start your new breakfast adventure, and we can even help you with what ingredients will complement each other to help you on your way!