Halloween for Adult and Kids

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With Halloween approaching fast, all those ghouls, zombies and vampires will be at your door – wanting to party of course! To make sure your party goes down a terrifying treat, we did a little research to bring you food and drink suggestions that will please all the undead-creatures of the night!


Toxic Toffee Apples: A Halloween party would not be complete without the black, sinister allure of the poison apple. Coated in a thick, glossy black layer of toxic delight, these are a winner at any spooky event. To make the venomous fruity-treat, you firstly insert skewers into the apples. Together in a mixing bowl, add the sugar, water, glucose syrup and black food coloring and mixed over a medium heat until the mixture becomes smooth to touch. Allow the toffee to boil until it begins to crack, add the two mixtures together and carefully dip the apples, ensuring fully coated. Leave to cool and they are ready to go.


Eerie Eyeballs: Frighten your guests into thinking they’re being watched with these spooky eyeball tortilla wraps. Making these eerie treats couldn’t be simpler! Start by mixing two bars of cream cheese, along with a single portion of ranch dressing. Cut two sides of your circular tortilla to form a rectangle and then spread the cheese-dressing mix liberally. Place a line of black olives along one of the uncut edges and two slices of ham in the center. Carefully begin to roll the tortilla as tightly as possible. Cover and place in the refrigerator for a minimum of 4 hours. Once chilled, using a sharp knife, slice the tortilla into circular bitesize eyes. For the eye’s pupil, use small roasted red bell peppers and push into the center.

Guaguas de pan: Ecuador really know how to go all out with spooky treats, and are well-known for their traditional Halloween treat of “bread babies”. These treats are shaped like a small baby swaddled in a blanket and are their go-to choice. To add some bread babies to your party you will need to firstly, sprinkle some yeast over warm milk, then whisk half a cup of flour into the mix until you have a paste. Leave it a warm area and allow to rise for 1 hour. Add eggs, sugar, vanilla, salt, cinnamon and the remaining flour into the risen yeast mixture. Once fully combined, add butter and knead the dough until it reaches an elastic consistency the again allow to rise in a warm place, this time for 2 hours. Afterwards, work the dough, and roll on a lightly-floured surface until approximately 1 inch thick. Create the baby shapes by hand or use a “guagua” cutter. Gently place onto baking sheet and leave them to rise for about 15-20 minutes. Brush over the babies with egg yolk and place in the oven. Bake for another 15-20 minutes and allow to cool. Decorate using icing and sprinkles.


Vampire Milkshake: A yummy treat for older ghouls. This delicious, deadly dessert can top off any dinner party. With a generous mix of vanilla ice cream, white crème de cacao and a dash of triple sec. Create your own bloodied concoction by adding red grenadine in and around the glass, giving it that fresh blood look.


Brain Bombs: Throw a bit of chemistry into the mix this Halloween with a clever combination of acidic lime and Irish cream. The combination will congeal and look like delicious, bloodied yet edible brains for you and your guests to feast on! Shake vodka with fresh lime juice and then strain it into a shot glass. Here’s the clever bit, take a glass of Baileys Irish Cream, place a straw into it and capture it by placing your thumb on the tip of the straw. Then submerge your straw in the vodka lime shot and release slowly. The cream will curdle and your brain will start to form. Repeat this process if required. For a finishing touch, add some grenadine for the bloodied effect and enjoy you, devilish feigns.


Ossei Dei Morti: Meaning “bones of the dead”, these are Italian cookies and cakes made specifically for Halloween. Originally used as delicious gifts in remembrance of those who have passed away, these treats will add a bit of Italian-style to your party. You can make your very own Ossei Dei Morti It doesn’t take much to make these treats, in fact, you probably have the core ingredients at home already. Flour, sugar, almonds, butter and a little cinnamon and lemon are all it takes to take your party up a notch! Impress your guests with this European treat.

Meatballs mummies: Super creative and equally spooky, meatball mummies are a perfect Halloween party food for everyone. Making these snacks is so simple it’s…scary! Start by slicing pizza dough into thin strips and thread 3 meatballs onto a uncooked strand of spaghetti, lengthways as this is the long body of the mummy! Begin to wrap the meatballs with the thin dough strips until completely covered, leaving space for the eyes. Slowly remove the spaghetti stand from the meatballs and place into oven for 20-25 minutes. Brush with melted butter and add some scary, edible eyes.


Eerie Mist: After a few of these you might feel like the walking dead! These sinister mystic cocktails are a real eye-catcher and winner at parties. To make these show-stopping concoctions, prepare some gin, pomegranate juice, and syrup within a shaker. Add ice and shake for 30 seconds. Serve and add a small cube of dry ice to create that eerie mist.