Healthy Summertime Foods to Add to Your Diet

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With food imports, we can sometimes forget that food availability and quality changes with the seasons. The summer months bring with them an array of fresh, flavourful produce such as blueberries, honeydew melon, and gold Yukon potatoes. Why not take a little inspiration from the season and snap up some items that you’ve not experimented with before? We’ve picked a few healthy, seasonal and most importantly tasty food and recipe ideas for you to add to your repertoire this Summer…


Saturn Peaches

If you’re bored of berries, bananas and apples grab a Saturn peach. The Saturn peach aka donut peach or flat peach is a slightly sweeter version of its rounder counterpart. The texture is less furry and though still juicy, it manages to be less messy to bite into on the go! Pop a few into your bag for when you’re out and about or even add to yogurt and muesli for a natural sweetener with your morning meal.



From July onwards this vitamin packed, versatile root vegetable is ready to be harvested, though after you try out our ideas you’ll be thankful that you can find this all year round in vacuum packed or jarred varieties. Beetroot works as a snack, side, main or even dessert. Try cutting a beet into super thin slices, drizzle with olive oil and a sprinkle of salt and pepper before roasting in the oven to make healthy chips or blitz grilled beets in a processor with tahini, lemon juice, garlic and a touch of seasoning to create the perfect beet baba ganoush. Finally, experiment by adding cooked beets to add a healthy twist to the much-loved brownie, the vegetable ensures your brownies stay moist and delicious while also adding a boost of iron and antioxidants.



Another underrated piece of produce is the fig. The fig has many varieties including Maltese Falcon, Blue Giant and the most widely known the Mission fig. They’re all bursting with flavor! Figs are great in both savory and sweet dishes. For a quick appetizer pair fig halves with blue cheese and wrap in prosciutto then grill, you’ll find it hard to stop at eating just one. Turn figs into a sweet compote, and add a hint of rum then layer it between a delicious orange blossom sponge for a decadent dessert! You can eat away knowing that you’re getting a healthy boost of soluble fiber, calcium and other helpful vitamins and minerals.


Summer Rolls

When you hear healthy summer foods, you no doubt think of salads. They’re great but can become a little boring. Introduce summer rolls into your day-to-day diet. They’re super simple to make and are open to interpretation. This traditionally Vietnamese dish usually packs rice paper (bánh tráng) with rice noodles, cucumber slices, carrots and either shrimp, pork or chicken, which are dipped in either sweet chili or peanut sauces. Simply prepare your desired fillings by slicing lengthways then soak the rice paper in lukewarm water, when it becomes flexible take it out place on your filling and roll! They’re the perfect summer lunch that saves you time as they can be pre-prepared, they’re also fun to make with the family and ideal for lunch bags or as a grab and go snack!