Home Cooking vs Restaurant Cooking

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We have entered an era where we are constantly being bombarded with information about what foods are bad for you and what are good. More and more of us are becoming far more health-conscious and aware of what we are putting into our bodies. But with the endless availability and convenience that eating-out possesses, this can sometimes lead the best of us astray!  With the increasing popularity of reality cooking shows, 2017 is seeing home cooking making a comeback and helping to fend off the alluring draws of restaurant eating.

Cooking at home offers an array of benefits across health and finances. Firstly it enables you to know exactly what is going into your food! You can personally select higher quality ingredients, so you can eat in the knowledge that you’re getting the most out of your meal. For those savvy shoppers out there,  it means that you can shop around and get the ingredients for a price far cheaper than what a restaurant would charge you for serving a piece meat and cheap commodity vegetables all prettied up on a plate! Home cooking isn’t just about health and money, though, it’s much more! Home cooking provides you with the joys of seeing something made by your own hand and is a great opportunity to get friends and family together for a bonding experience. The possibilities of dishes that you can create together are endless, as opposed to the limited restrictions of popping out to a particular dining location. Cook with a loved one, learn some new skills and delight in the economic benefits that it offers for both the world and your pocket!

As much as we love a little fast food treat or dining-out experience, the less pretty side to restaurants is that they don’t really care if you need to eat less sugar, salt or saturated fat. They will happily serve you the same unhealthy dishes time after time without a moment’s hesitation. Again, comparing home cooked food to restaurant style, the same amount of care will not be put into your dish as it would do cooking it personally. Remember your expensive restaurant meal is being cooked alongside maybe 10, 20 or more dishes. No wonder home cooking is more popular than ever!

It is important to remember that joining this increasing trend surrounding home cooking does not cut you off from all the fine dining styled foods you enjoy. With the power of the internet, masses of recipe books and articles it is possible to recreate ANY of your favorite dishes. You can bring that restaurant style food home, all whilst keeping it healthy, with the same great taste and a more personal touch too! You’d be amazed at what delights you can cook up in your own home. Invite your friends for dinner and impress them with easy to make but restaurant quality dishes. Start with something super simple but delicious like a healthy, quick and tasty chicken parmesan dish.  Pick yourself up some high quality, plump chicken breasts coat them in golden breadcrumbs, top off with tasty marinara sauce and a dash of mozzarella and voila! You’ve got a classic Italian restaurant parmesan at home!  This dish is just the beginning of how easy it can be, with the use of freshly selected ingredients it’s far easier than you could ever imagine – to bring the best restaurant food to your kitchen.

Perhaps this could be the start of you waving goodbye to the expensive, generic restaurant food and saying hello to the healthier, cost-efficient lifestyle of good home cooking.  The 2017 trend of home cooking is definitely one to indulge in!