How to Get into Cooking for Yourself and Your Family on a Regular Basis

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It’s a Wednesday evening, you’re just finishing up at work, and all those plans to make lasagna from scratch for the family have already gone out the window because you’re just too tired! Takeout it is… again! You’re not alone. Many people out there want to get into the habit of cooking for themselves on a regular basis but just don’t have the time or determination to do so. Here at NetCost Market, we’ve got some ideas that may just give you the inspiration you need to get into cooking more regularly!

The benefits of cooking for yourself

Cooking for yourself offers much more than simple self-satisfaction! It’s money-saving and is usually healthier, tastier, and can even be quicker than regularly eating out or ordering in. If you eat out and order in regularly, think about how much money you’re spending every year on food that you could have prepared better yourself. You’d probably be able to save enough to go on a vacation or put towards a new car! The best benefit of cooking, however, is that it relieves stress – allowing people to get creative!

How to get into the habit of cooking regularly

Start with small steps:

Can you boil an egg? There are many people out there who would answer “no” to that question – in their head at least. It’s always a good place to start for those who don’t cook often. Starting with small steps is the best way to get past the main reason people avoid cooking – trying too much too soon! By taking it bit by bit, you’ll gain confidence at a good rate and before you know it, you’ll be cooking things you never thought you’d be able to!

Think of cooking as a science:

Ok, we don’t mean science like in school – which was always impossible to understand – but rather think of every meal as an experiment. Your meals won’t always be perfect – even the best chefs in the world experience that – but you should learn from each time you cook what could be done to improve next time. Was there too little salt? Did you not brown the meat for long enough? Would it be better if the potatoes were par-boiled before baking them? All of these are observations you should make when cooking.

Cook what you like to eat:

Cooking should be about the reward at the end. If your regular takeout meal of choice is Thai green chicken curry, then why not make your own version?! This way you get to eat what you like eating, without all the added expense of takeout! What’s more, you can use it as a barometer to measure against the takeout restaurant and get it exactly how they do it – or even better!

Plan ahead:

So, you’ve boiled your egg, experimented a few times, and made your (hopefully) very tasty Thai chicken green curry – now things get serious. It’s time to add the regularly part to the plan! Start by making a weekly meal list – have it in your pocket (or on your phone screen as this is the 21st century) and add to it any meals that you think look or sound tasty. Maybe you’re watching your favorite TV show and they’re eating salami pizza – add it to the list. You can then use this list to search for all the ingredients you need next time you go to the store!

Precook meals:

Truth be told, most people that say they do, don’t actually cook every day, but they probably do eat home-cooked food every day. Get into the habit of cooking in larger batches and freezing or refrigerating your meals so you can come home and reheat them like a shop-bought instant meal, without the added salt and calories! Most people who actually cook often, only cook big meals once or twice a week, but they store what they have left and eat off it for a few days. This is a brilliant way to stay healthy and save both time and money!

If you’re hoping to get into cooking a bit more often for yourself but don’t really know how, then now you do! It’s not as difficult and as daunting as you may have thought. Practice will certainly make perfect! If you’re looking for a place that offers the best fresh produce for your new cooking hobby, then look no further that NetCost Market! We stock everything you could need to make an endless range of brilliant home-cooked meals!