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Kombucha – the wonderful drink…

What is Kombucha?

Kombucha is a fermented tea drink, that has been around for many centuries. Many people know it as Kombucha mushroom, but the drink is based on adding bacteria and yeast to the sweetened tea, so it gets fermented and in the end you have a beverage, that contains vinegar, vitamins and various chemical compounds.


Is Kombucha good for you?

By many cultures it is considered to be the Magic Elixir and it is truly a wonderful drink. There are many health benefits in having fermented beverage in your daily diet.  Kombucha aids in detoxification process, which helps keeping your liver healthy. Consuming it daily would be a great part of cancer prevention measures. One of Kombucha benefits is that it contains glucosamines, that are proven to be very effective in helping take care of your joints. Being a probiotic beverage this great drink has many ways in helping your digestive system: it helps in fighting harmful yeast, gives you mental clarity and stabilizes your mood. Basically Kombucha tea beverage is a great drink against depression and anxiety.

Does it have caffeine in it?

Kombucha caffeine content is low compared to the regular tea. Usually the amount of caffeine is about 1/2 or 1/3 of the black tea. Caffeine in this beverage breaks down over time and it is very hard to tell the real amount of it.


Where to buy Kombucha?

You can easily buy it at NetCost Market. We offer a wide variery of different brands and kinds: Raspberry, Tart Cherry, Lemon, Ginger Kombucha and many more…Our opinion is to get the best quality drink possible like Organic Raw kind, because this will ensure the best result for your health.


How to make Kombucha?

It is a lot easier to buy ready to drink beverage, than doing it yourself, but if you are a real DIY person, then we recommend several recipes to create the best homemade Kombucha possible.

Follow these links for great recipes: