How to Make an Epic Summer Cookout, an Epic Summer Cook-in!


For those of us that live in apartment buildings or houses without a big yard, one of the great American traditions – the cookout, is a real rarity. Cooking up a storm with burgers, sausages, ribs, wings, and steaks is one of the best ways to enjoy the summer, and it shouldn’t be a pleasure that only owners of large backyards get to enjoy! Here at NetCost Market, we believe everyone should get to experience this great American tradition, which is why we’re going to tell you how to have your very own cookout, inside – let’s call it the great American cook-in! All you’ll need for this epic feast is a working oven, a good quality microwave, and friends or family to share the time with!

Get started with some snacks!

At a cookout, snacks such as chips and dips really set the scene. They scream “hey everyone, come and get involved”, and so they should be an important part of your all-American cook-in. This week at NetCost Market, we have great offers on the perfect snacks for your cook-in such as Simply 7 Chips (veggie hummus and quinoa versions), and Annie Hun’s Seaweed Snacks, both of which will get people’s appetites ready for the main event!

High-class hydration

Get that summer cookout feeling with an array of high-class drinks to bring that cookout feeling inside. This could include fancy alcoholic drinks such as chilled sparkling wine or cocktails, or simple yet refreshing soft drinks that get everyone in that summer mood. At NetCost Market, we currently have offers on Fiji Water and Florida’s Natural juices.

Master the meat

Just because you’re not grilling doesn’t mean you should skimp on the quality of your meat! Whether cooking steaks, wings, sausages or burgers, the better the meat, the more authentic the cook-in! Why on try making premium quality homemade burgers with some great quality ground beef, pork or turkey, salt, pepper an egg and diced onions. Simply mix this together and form into patties before frying or broiling. Right now, at NetCost Market, we have great offers on select cuts of meat including veal chuck steaks, boneless chicken thighs, premium quality beef burgers and ground turkey!

Brilliant bread

While the meat is the soul of the cook-in, the choice of bun or accompanying bread also plays a huge part. Try getting high-quality bread that matches your meat, like burger buns for the burgers, hotdog buns for the hotdogs, and some great ciabatta for soaking up all the juices that come out of that succulent steak!

Crown it with condiments

The array of sauces you offer at your cook-in says a lot about the lengths you’ve gone to make it an authentic event! It’s a good idea to get the classics – ketchup, barbeque, mustard, and mayo, but also some special sauces that stamp your own individuality on the cook-in. Right now, we’re offering great deals on Woodstock Organic Ketchup. There’re also the pickles you need to think about! Our array of pickles, from hot peppers to mushrooms will have you covered! Just visit our deli section to find our whole range of exciting and interesting pickles to stamp your own piece of individuality onto your summer cook-in!

Cooking out is one of the great pleasures in life but cooking it is a very close second! If you don’t have the ability to make yourself a great summer cookout, try imitating it with an indoor version by following all the pointers mentioned above! What’s more, NetCost Market currently offers a huge range of deals in our weekly sale that cater perfectly to those who are looking to have a great summer cook-in, so don’t waste any time in coming down to the store and preparing for that great American tradition of a true cookout, inside!