How To Make The Perfect Cheese Board To Impress Guests At Your Next Dinner Party!

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A cheese course takes any dinner party from a mediocre meal and transforms it into a beautiful banquet that is sure to impress your guests! However, it’s very easy to get making a cheese board wrong, which is why here at NetCost Market, we’re going to give you all the skills you need to create the perfect cheese board every time!

Begin with a board

The quality of the board you use says a lot about how seriously you take your cheese. Specialty cheese boards made of olive wood or slate really make your cheese board look professional and enticing, but if you don’t have one, a clean and unstained wooden cutting board will do the trick just fine!

Choose your cheeses

Now, the foundation of the board is, of course, the cheese! It’s VERY important that you get a wide range of cheeses with different strengths and textures. For example, you may want to get some firm, nutty and mild Gouda or Emmentals, some soft and creamy Brie and Camembert, and then something stronger and sharper like a Danish Blue Cheese. NetCost offers a great range of gourmet cheeses from Europe and right here in the US. Come in store and discover the flavors of creamy cheeses such as Reny Picot’s buttery Camembert, the sharp and complex flavors of the Danish Blue crafted by Rosenborg, or some classic nutty Gouda from Beemster! Once you have your cheeses, place them equally spaced across the board so that each one has its own area and plenty of surrounding space.

Balance those flavors with something sweet and salty

Cheese boards are about balancing flavors, so it’s important you offer lots of matching flavors that go with your cheeses. For the sharper-flavored cheeses, sweet items like dried fruits, grapes or berries, sugar coated nuts, honey, jams, and preserves all make great options. Milder cheeses match well with salty foods that complement their mild and creamy flavors. Try adding a selection of olives, charcuterie such as prosciutto and salami, and some salted nuts. We recommend adding at least three options from both the salty and sweet flavored items so that there’s a great choice for everyone!

Crack on with the crackers

Crackers, cracker bread and breadsticks contrast with the soft texture of the cheese and make it much easier to get it in your mouth! Place an array of crackers around the board at convenient places to give everyone the options they need!

Making your own cheese board is a fun and creative experience that will take your party to the next level and leave all of your guests feeling impressed and very, very satisfied! NetCost Market Philadelphia offers a huge range of great cheeses from world-renowned cheesemakers from all over Europe and America as well as great extras that complement any high-class cheese board.

What’s more, we offer Party Trays made by our specialist staff at the cheese counter. These trays are perfect for large dinner parties and family events, and they’re made by experts so are designed so that all the flavors are well balanced and created from the best quality cheeses there are to offer! Come in store and inquire about our Party Trays at the cheese counter where you can try the cheeses we offer for yourself!