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To many families, incorporating organic foods into their diet is an important part of their health and wellness goals. Organic food trends show an increased importance placed upon farm-to-table, environmentally friendly food options. With an overall rise in shoppers who are interested in integrating organic items into their pantry, NetCost Market wants to cater to our customers by making organic, quality foods available at a price point which all families can afford. Nationally, we expect some interesting organic food trends for 2015:

Variety: Expect to see more options.
From the produce section to the butcher’s counter, we expect 2015 to bring much more variety into your kitchens. Rainbow colored vegetables, heirloom and hybrid produce varieties such as kale sprouts and exotic mushrooms, and the next big super fruit- baobab (pronounced bow-bab)-will be the newest hot additions to the produce department. For all of our vegetarian readers, 2015 will be an exciting year for you- look out for the many new soy-free meat substitutes about to hit the shelves.

Ethnic options: Spice up your life!
With so many different global cuisines rising in popularity and showing up more and more on restaurant menus, why not bring those flavors home? Asian and Latino flavors as well as traditional Jewish cuisine will be prominently featured in 2015 making it easier to try recipes that might have before been a bit too far out of your comfort zone.

Nutrient Rich: Pack it in.
Sometimes it can be difficult to know whether we are getting all of the vitamins and minerals that we need into our diets. Nutrient rich foods like local, small batch grains, matcha- an antioxidant-rich Japanese green tea powder, and cold pressed juices ensure that we are packing a nutrient dense punch of superfoods into our meals. In an even more unusual trend, industry expert Mareya Ibrahim of The Fit Foodie predicts crickets –yes, crickets!- to be a new superfood sensation. Primarily sold as cricket powder, this insect-based ingredient boasts 15% more iron than spinach, 2 times more protein than beef and as much vitamin B12 as salmon!

Convenience: Healthy in a hurry.
With our crazy schedules, who has time to cook? We do! At NetCost Market, we have an incredible prepared foods section made from the best ingredients by our expert chefs. 2015 will bring about a better selection of prepared organic meals including kid friendly choices. If you don’t have time to cook, grab a meal on the go and feel great knowing that you are feeding your family the quality, whole foods they love.

For an incredible selection of the latest superfoods, new food trends, and homemade meals prepared in house, shop at your neighborhood NetCost Market. We have all the organic, name brand varieties you could ever want…except for maybe the cricket powder.

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