Plant-Based Foods on the Rise

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Americans are constantly going through various eating trends as we’re told what’s good, and not so good to eat. It seems like every week there is a new diet or eating trend we should follow, whether it’s eating more whole grain, having larger breakfasts and smaller dinners, or even trying to eat more meat and cut back on complex carbohydrates. But, there is a new food trend that has emerged in the last few years that many experts believe is here to stay, which is the rise in the consumption of plant-based food! At NetCost Market we believe in giving all of our customers the widest choice possible on what kind of diet they wish to eat, which is why we have come up with some key facts about the plant-based food revolution, to help you decide if you would like to make a change to your eating habits!


One of the major reasons people are switching to a more plant-based diet is the environmental argument. Recently, there has been lots of publicity about the negative environmental factors related to the keeping of animals for the production of meat and dairy. This includes the destruction of important wildlife habits for many animals in order to develop farmland and the greenhouse gas emissions produced by intensive farming. Eating a plant-based diet discourages these farming practices, leading to a healthier, cleaner planet for all!

Considering Clean Eating

The current age of fast-paced, highly connected media has brought the customer closer to the food production process through informative articles and online awareness campaigns. This means that we are thinking more and more about where our food is coming from. Out of this movement came the clean eating initiative, which emphasizes the need for a diet based on simple fresh fruit and vegetables in their natural form. While many people don’t necessarily eat a fully “clean” diet, it has had a knock-on effect, influencing more people to consume a higher amount of plant-based food in their diet, and therefore reducing their consumption of meat!

Appealing Alternatives

For years vegetarian and vegan options were typically very unappealing. Many people struggled to stop eating meat or were put off by poor quality meat substitutes. However, an increased demand for tasty, high-quality meat-free alternatives has been answered by food producers, who now make great plant-based meat-free products based on a wide range of classic meat items. This has encouraged more people to either go completely meat-free or to at least incorporate more plant-based meat alternatives into their diet.

Protein Packed

The recent trend regarding nutrition has been largely centred around protein, and while this has increased the demand for dairy and meat-based food sources, it has also created a market for plant-based protein supplements such as pea and soy protein, which are both full of important amino acids that cannot be found in meat or dairy products.

Plant-based food has the potential to become the main food type in the American diet, and many analysts believe this is a trend that we will continue to see a rise in the future. As knowledge about the meat and dairy industry increases and our continued obsession with clean eating spreads, more and more people are turning to more natural forms of food which are seen as healthier, more eco-friendly and sustainable. This has all been helped by the rise in super tasty meat-free alternatives, and could see us eating less meat in the years ahead!