Russian And European Cakes That You Need To Try!

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There’s nothing cozier than a nice cup of coffee complimented by an indulgent slice of fine cake to keep you going on those grey winter afternoons! And with winter really setting in now that the festive period is over, it’s the perfect chance to explore new and exciting cakes! Our friends over in Europe and Russia know a thing or two about how to brighten up a gloomy winter afternoon, so here at NetCost Market, we thought we’d bring you the best recipes that they have to offer to give you some inspiration!

Medovik – Russia

Medovik is a traditional Russian layer cake made using honey and condensed milk. The cake originates from the 18th century, but it became particularly popular during the Soviet era and has stayed popular ever since. The sweetness of the honey and condensed milk perfectly offsets the slightly bitter tasting notes of an americano or espresso, meaning this cake can be enjoyed as part of an afternoon coffee break or as the perfect accompaniment to an after-dinner espresso!

Napoleon Cake – Russia

They seem to really love layer cakes in Russia because we’ve got another one for you here! The Napoleon is possibly the nation’s favorite and it consists of layers of buttery puff pastry separated by a smooth, creamy filling of either buttercream, cream frosting, or a sweet custard. It was traditionally a cake for special occasions as the puff pastry would need to be made from scratch, but with chilled or frozen puff pastry now easily available at grocery stores, it’s become more popular in regular households around the country.

Black Forest Cake – Germany

You must have heard of this one! Popular around the world, the black forest cake came from humble origins to be a favorite both in Europe and the US. The original cake, the Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte, used rich chocolate sponge cake with a rich cherry filling, and the black forest cake has built on this by adding layers of whipped cream and in some regions, rum or fruit liquors are added to the sponge. The cake doesn’t actually originate from the black forest, but from Gotesberg which is about 300 miles further north. The name was actually given to the cake due to the use of a liquor called Schwarzwälder Kirschwasser which derives from the black forest region.

Szarlotka – Poland

Szarlotka is a Polish apple cake that’s usually served warm making it the perfect way to keep yourself nice and snug on a cold winter afternoon! It uses spices such as cinnamon and nutmeg that give it that winter flavor that resembles the festive season and is often served with hot custard or whipped cream. In Poland, it’s often served as an accompaniment to hot coffee, making it a great addition to your afternoon coffee and cake repertoire!

Whether you’re entertaining guests or simply want to get yourself through the winter months with a little sweet addition, these cakes will brighten up any afternoon! Each can be the perfect accompaniment to a nice afternoon cup of coffee. At NetCost Market, we offer fresh ingredients from both US and European suppliers, meaning you can find all the components you’ll need to make these indulgent cakes exactly how they’re made across the ocean by our European friends!