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What is Souping

If you’re even remotely clued in to the world of alternative health, then you’ve probably realized that souping is the latest craze when it comes to healthy habits. While it is to be that juicing was the big trend, consumers are now finding that souping has taken over, instead. Especially when the months are longer and cooler, souping is the way to go.

Jennifer Iserloh, also known as the Skinny Chef, claims that in terms of general health, “…souping can actually be a bit healthier for detox compared to juicing for one basic reason: soups retain fiber.” Many people don’t know this, but fiber is important for keeping the good bacteria, also known as the microbiome, in your body balanced. Your microbiome is essentially responsible for the overall functioning of your immune system, so it’s important to keep it thriving. Fiber is also responsible for helping with the detoxifying process since it helps push toxins out of the body.
Vegetable purees Especially when the fall and winter roll around, soups can contribute to a warm and filling meal. Souping is good for digestion, and it they are also soothing, as well. It’s a satisfying way to fill your body with a host of beneficial nutrients. Besides that, souping is also less expensive than juicing, and can have just as many, if not more, nutritional benefits. You can make one huge pot of soup with a few vegetables, as opposed to making only one smoothie with the same amount of ingredients.

Souping is simple, and it’s also cost-effective. Many of us know what it feels like to walk out of the food store with a huge bag of vegetables for juicing and discover that everything we bought is used up in one round of juicing. It can feel as if we just spent a ton of money and then have nothing to show for it. With souping, on the other hand, we can buy just as many vegetables, but create less waste than we would with juicing. With juicing, we usually discard the pulp, but in souping we use the entire vegetable.

Healthy food Philadelphia With souping, you can make a huge batch and store it in the fridge for about five days. You can also make batches for freezing, which is a great idea during the winter and can be an economical and tasty alternative to other meals. When it comes to cleansing properties, souping is simplistic. It’s also a good way to receive nutrients and there are hundreds of delicious recipes to choose from. Souping is the perfect opportunity to add nutrient-dense foods such as beans and legumes to your menu. You can also use healthy fats like coconut oil and avocado oil, too.

Another great reason to consider souping is that you get to incorporate a slew of herbs and spices. Aside from adding zest and flavor to your soup, these herbs and spices are also rich in phytonutrients. They are also dense in other ingredients that help prevent and treat illnesses such as cancer and diabetes. Herbs and spices also aid digestion, decrease inflammation and reduce blemishes.