Spring Cleaning for Your Nutrition

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Winter can take its toll on your diet, and much like a home that’s become cluttered and messy over the winter months, it’s a good idea to tidy up and realign your diet in order to get you feeling at your best for the summer months that lie ahead! Here at NetCost Market, we’ve got some great tips to get you back on track before the hot weather sets in.

Cut out the comfort food

Winter is a time of indulging in those foods that make you feel better for eating them. Rich, warm, and often heavy meals are the order of the day, and while these are great for keeping up your mood during the colder months, it’s important that you don’t keep eating them into the warmer months when you don’t really need the same level of comfort! Try swapping out your heavy, stodgy evening meals with lighter meals such as salads or stir-fries to get you out of those winter eating habits.

Change with the seasons

Spring is one of the best times for seasonal fruit and vegetables, and these are the perfect cleansers for your digestive system after the long, cold winter. Leafy greens such as lettuce, kale, spinach, chard, and arugula are all in season in Philly and the North East in general, so there’s no excuse for keeping these out of your springtime diet! In addition to these, broccoli, cauliflower, parsnips, radishes, rhubarb, cherries, and strawberries are also in season, so there are a whole lot of flavorsome vegetable dishes and fruit salads to be made!

Sweat, Hydrate, Repeat

We all know that we should be drinking more water when the weather heats up, and most of us do. However, springtime is a time when people often get dehydrated because they are still used to their winter water intake. Water is a vital component for cleaning out your body as it flushes out the kidneys, helping to clean the blood system. Drinking water also speeds up the metabolism, so it’s a great way to ensure your body is effectively digesting all that seasonal springtime goodness!

Spring clean your refrigerator

If there are food items in your refrigerator or deep freezer, now is the time to use them! Just because you’re cleaning out your nutrition does not mean you need to waste food, so plan some meals with the food that has accumulated over the winter until your refrigerator is empty. Then you can simply fill it with great seasonal fruit and vegetables so there’s no risk of being tempted by anything other than your new, spring cleaning diet.

Plant a vegetable garden

This one is a point for the future, but it’s a great way of getting yourself into a healthy eating cycle and sticking to it! Planting a food garden offers much more than just great fruit and vegetables to eat, it will also mean you spend more time outside, and by planting food that will sprout later in the year, you will have plenty of fresh produce for over the winter months! Try planting pumpkin, potatoes, beets, and fruit trees like apples and pears for great produce that stays fresh into the fall and winter!

There’s a lot more to spring cleaning than just tidying and cleaning your home – you can also tidy and clean your body! By sticking to these five simple tips you’ll be able to get your body in top shape by the time the hot summer months roll around. If you’re looking for a great place to find brilliant, fresh produce, look no further than NetCost Market – where you can find all the seasonal fruit and vegetables available at great prices!