Spring Food Trends 2017

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Monday 20th March marked the official start of Spring! The festive season is long gone and your thoughts are probably rushing to memories of the last Summer and plans for the coming one… but wait, you’re completely skipping Spring?! That would be a shame, Spring has a lot to offer, not only do the days start to brighten and flowers bloom, produce grows and fresh, delicious foods are waiting for you to transform them into tasty treats and meals. Let’s get you up to speed on the food trends that will run through Spring and into Summer so that you don’t miss out…


Sharing is Caring!

Small plates are coming back and they’ll be more popular than ever. Spring is a time for being sociable and sharing platters and small plates work brilliantly to bring friends and families together eating and chatting. The trend is a great platform for exploring new cuisines either order or make a little bit of everything and introduce your taste buds to something new this Spring.


Salmon Dishes

With nutrition and health maintaining a place in everyone’s thoughts, high in protein and omega-3 fatty acid, salmon will be a popular focus of many dishes. Naturally, sustainable salmon will be preferred as the sustainable food trend is set to continue through the year and hopefully further! Try smoked salmon with a fresh dill dip or Thai-poached salmon on a bed of fresh greens to embrace Spring.

Transparent Food Menus

With people getting back into their exercise regimes thinking ahead to Summer this next trend, which you’re definitely going to see more of, is going to be helpful. More restaurants and cafes are set to embrace a so-called “transparent menu” meaning that nutritional and calorie information for foods will be readily available to customers. Helping us all enjoy our treats without sacrificing our balanced diets.


Vegetarian foods are no longer a side thought

Meat isn’t going anywhere, however, vegetables and vegetarian/ vegan cuisines are taking a step across from the sides section of the menu and finding themselves a leading role on Spring menus.  Purple sprouting broccoli, leeks, kale, and turnips are all in season and destined to end up on your plate. At home why not try a creamy turnip curry with a vitamin boosting side of cauliflower rice or bake up a kale and leek tart to give lunches a fancy feel.


Rhubarb: The vegetable to experiment with!

Rhubarb is the main attraction of this Spring season and we’re excited because it’s so underrated. Not only is it a colorful addition to your plate, it can be both delicious in desserts such as a traditional rhubarb crumble or tart and it pairs beautifully with duck and fish dishes. Get experimental and step away from your go-to vegetables this Spring.