Spring Superfoods

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Along with spring weather fast approaching the fresh produce is preparing to crop up and make its debut. Whether it’s part of that New Year’s resolution you made earlier or wanting to eat better, we have a list of springtime superfoods that you should definitely look out for and pop into your cart the next time you pay us a visit!


If you have never looked twice at these spiky-leaved treasures then now might be the time to reconsider! These tasty greens are power-packed with nutrients, especially magnesium. This mineral is essential for hundreds of bodily functions and also helps with muscle recovery. A single medium artichoke provides 25% of your RDA for magnesium. If your muscles are sore and tired after those workouts, this green-gem may be worth adding to your plate.


Also going under the name of “Daikon”, the radish is a small root vegetable, mostly known for making an appearance in salads. As it is a roughage it keeps the digestive system on track and is also a powerful detoxifier, therefore benefitting the liver and stomach processes. Radishes are surprisingly filling, not only will they keep you feeling full, they’ll also keep your calorie count low. Offering minerals and vitamins which aid nearly all the main bodily systems, the Radish earns its title as a true superfood.


Cropping from the sea rather than the ground this spring, we have a very familiar superfood contender. As we all know, salmon is an excellent source of high-quality protein, minerals, minerals and the all famous OMEGA-3 which support healthy brain function, joints, and the heart. 


Getting nowhere near the attention it deserves, we are here to shine the spotlight on the Leek! Being an addition to anything from salads to soups, they to pack their own qualities which make them one of our choice of spring superfoods! Leeks contain a cancer-fighting compound known as kaempferol. This has also positive effects on our blood vessel lining, keeping everything running smoothly this spring.


Available usually all year round, but even more succulent in spring is the power-packed strawberry. Want vitamins? – check. Fiber? – check. Folic acid, manganese, and potassium? – check, check, and check! Strawberries really are the fruit that just keeps giving, they give a powerful boost to your immune system, keep skin looking young, lower cholesterol and reduce inflammation making them an all round bona fide superfood indeed!


Rising up to the title of springtime superfood is Asparagus. This humble little green is loaded with nutrients and is a superb source of folate, fiber, chromium and vitamins A, C, D & K! If that wasn’t enough it is bursting at the “stem” with antioxidants to help neutralize harmful toxins and has recently been noted for its rich supply of glutathione – a cancer-fighting compound. Need we say more? If you are looking for a springtime super boost, add these green wonders to your shopping cart.