How to Stay on a Food Budget This Summer


Summer can be a time of high spending when it comes to food. This is not only because we tend to spend more time outdoors, encouraging us to eat out more often, but is also because the positive energy we feel during the summer has been proven to encourage us to spend more! And this, of course, includes what we spend at the checkout. But, for those who want to watch their budget in order to spend on more valued items such as vacations or nice summer clothes, here are some quick tips to keeping the cost of food spending down so you can enjoy the (other) finer things in life!

Eat what’s in season!

With the rise of huge supermarket chains and mass globalized trade networks, the cost of seasonal food often gets lost in the translation from the farm to the checkout. However, it’s a good idea to find out which fruits and vegetables in the region are in season as often the surplus production of these items can drastically reduce their price at the grocery store. Eating seasonally is a great way to reduce the cost at the checkout and is also a brilliant way to discover new and exciting local produce!

Plan your meals… and stick to it!

Meal planning is not only for extremely organized people – it’s also a great habit to get into if you want to save a few extra dollars. Start by listing the absolute necessities such as bread, milk and coffee that you need on a weekly basis, and then plan what meals you’re going to have and add these ingredients to a list. Next comes the most important step… stick to it! By sticking to your meal plan you’ll avoid spending money on those items that you pick up when grazing, ensuring you have a little extra cash left in the pocket!

Don’t ditch the dried goods!

Dried goods, particularly legumes such as lentils, beans and chickpeas are extremely cheap to buy in large quantities, and although they take a little time to prepare, they have great health benefits and are perfect for summer meals. Try making bean salads with an array of beans prepared from their dried state, or a light and airy falafel from dried chickpeas which is the perfect summer food. By buying dried you’ll be fascinated at the cost savings you’ll make, giving you more cash in your wallet to enjoy what summer has to offer!

Make the most of the weekly sale!

Sale items are always a good bet when it comes to saving money. At Netcost Market Philadelphia, we intentionally offer a wide range of great items at unbeatable prices in our local weekly sale, specifically so you can get a range of goods at special sale prices, every week! It’s a good idea to visit our website before visiting the store to see what we have on offer. That way, you can even plan your meals around items that are in the weekly sale which will help you stick to a budget and lower the cost of that weekly grocery shop!

Summer spending doesn’t have to extend to your food budget, and there’s plenty of ways you can save by following these simple few steps. Just implementing one or two of these ideas could save you enough money in the long run to fund a new vacation, a shopping spree, or simply a nice meal out with friends! So, why not try implementing these super saver ideas as soon as possible to see if you can get your summer food spending down to free up some extra cash!?