Stop Dieting and Enjoy Food Again by Learning Intuitive Eating

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People’s relationship with food can be a bumpy road, and it plays directly into our emotional state of mind and lifestyle. Whether binge eating comes about as a result of stress, anxiety, an eating disorder, or as a result of the strain of dieting – it’s a cycle that’s hard to break. This is where the relatively new practice of Intuitive Eating (IE) comes into play. IE is the rejection of restrictive eating such as fad dieting and it focuses on forming a healthy and long-term relationship with food which should break the cycle that instigates binge eating and leads to a more successful and fulfilling relationship with what we eat! Here at NetCost Market Philadelphia, we’re going to break down the golden rules of IE to give you the know-how to break that binge eating cycle!

Ditch the diet

Dieting is a very logic-driven philosophy – the concept that eating fewer calories leads to less weight gain and even weight loss, seems like the best way to fix the problem. However, this does not tackle the emotional and psychological issues associated with binge eating, and diets often lead to a lower production of leptin, the hormone that tells your brain you’re full. This, over time, drives an unrelenting hunger and will to eat, which manifests itself as binge eating and ultimately, a sense of failure which is likely to further deepen emotional stress. The philosophy of IE rejects the dieting model, so this instantly breaks the cycle of binge eating as a relapse in dieting.

Embrace your hunger

Of course, one of the main issues people have is the type of food they’re consuming. There’s a huge difference in calorie intake between 1 lb. of deep pan stuffed crust pizza and 1 lb. of freshly prepared salad. With this in mind, you should respect your body’s natural hunger by feeding it high-quality food full of vitamins, minerals, fiber and a healthy balance of macronutrients. Over time, your body will find its balance and rather than craving unhealthy comfort food, you’ll find yourself thinking of the healthy options, and you will undoubtedly feel the benefits!

Rekindle your relationship with food

If you struggle with binge eating, you probably have a negative view of food and the effects it can have on your body. Moving away from dieting and embracing your body’s signals to eat can be quite daunting, and psychologically this can be the biggest hurdle when switching to IE. To encourage yourself, it’s a good idea to rekindle (or ignite for the first time, as the case may be), a love for food. This may be taking the time to cook healthy meals from scratch, or even to grow your own produce and learn more about from where your food is sourced. By doing this, you will be investing more time, effort, and care into what, and how you eat, bridging the divide between pleasure and eating and allowing you to use food as a way of destressing, rather than increasing anxiety.

Intuitive eating is not about dieting, it’s not about control through restriction, and it’s certainly not about short-term goals. It’s about listening to your body, forming a positive psychological relationship with food, and ultimately, about long-term happiness with one of the most basic of human activities. If you suffer from binge eating, unsuccessful fad dieting, or just feel that your relationship with food is not what it should be, try following a plan of IE to get it back on track and restore your body’s natural balance. At NetCost Market, we’re crazy about food, which is why we stock the freshest produce from the best sources! Come in store today and browse our extensive array of high-quality products and fall back in love with food!