Tea: The Wonderful Traditions and Benefits of The World’s Favorite Beverage

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Tea is one of the most widely consumed beverages around the world, but how this drink is prepared varies immensely. From the sweet and lightly spiced chai of northern India to the earthy, vegetal flavors of traditionally made matcha, tea has a way of encapsulating local culture in a warm, comforting brew, and has a variety of health benefits that make it well worth the time it takes to make. Here at NetCost Market, we’ve got some facts to get you rethinking tea so you can relish some of these age-old traditions while simultaneously enjoying the healing health benefits tea has to offer.

Traditional tea times around the world

Around the world, tea makes up a significant part in many local traditions. A great example includes the Japanese tradition of Cha-no-yu which is a traditional tea ceremony originally practiced by people of significant status like samurai warriors and monks. In Egypt, Morocco, and Turkey, mint tea is drunk throughout the day and especially around mealtimes due to mint’s powers in aiding digestion. Of course, one of the most famous tea traditions is that of the British, who brought tea back from their colonies in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. In Great Britain, tea is a staple, but the British “afternoon tea” which includes serving tea with a variety of miniature cakes, scones, and clotted cream, and miniature sandwiches, is still a well-enjoyed tradition that encapsulates the quaintness and regality of British culture.

Bringing brilliant benefits

Is it possible that tea has benefits beyond its warm, comforting aroma and culture-shaping impact?! Well, the answer is, undoubtedly, YES! As there are so many types of tea out there, it’s impossible to list the benefits of each one, but there are teas for almost every purpose imaginable. Traditional black tea, including Darjeeling and English Breakfast tea, is some of the most widely drunk tea in the world, and the good news is that it’s packed full of cancer-fighting, youth-promoting anti-oxidants! It also contains less caffeine than coffee meaning it’s less damaging to your heart and kidneys. Green tea, another popular tea type, is not only loaded with anti-oxidants but also contains bioactive compounds that help increase the metabolism – therefore promoting weight loss. As well as this, it contains amino acid L-theanine that actually promotes activity in the brain, actually increasing brain function and also reducing the effects of anxiety. Is there anything this wonder beverage can’t do?!

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