The Ideal Easter Basket for Young Adults


Easter is just around the corner and for those that celebrate this holiday, it’s a time for giving and receiving gifts – usually in the form of copious amounts of chocolate eggs! But, if your children or family members are too old for the classic Easter egg hunt or aren’t too fond of chocolate, why not make them up a basket of treats they’ll really love? Here at NetCost Market, we’ve come up with some brilliant Easter basket ideas that will be appreciated by any young adult who desires something that little bit more sophisticated.

Something to drink

Great quality tea and coffee is a gift that’s well appreciated no matter what the occasion, so it fits perfectly with this Easter gift basket! Matcha Tea is one of the most popular beverages among millennials at the moment, so why not add a can of Matcha Love Green Tea to the gift basket? If they’re not a tea drinker, no problem! At NetCost Market we also stock a huge range of quality iced coffee including Starbucks and Illy.

Something gourmet

To give them something they’ll really appreciate this Easter, give them something that will really refine their palate! A selection of great quality gourmet cheeses is the ideal gift because they can really impress their friends at dinner parties with their great cheese selection. At NetCost Market we stock a wide selection of great gourmet cheese such as Roquefort, Camembert, Brie, and much more!

Something related to eggs

OK, so just because we’re not doing chocolate eggs, doesn’t mean we can’t do eggs at all – it is Easter after all! And with that in mind, what’s more luxurious than caviar? Although it’s not to everyone’s taste, caviar is food for those special occasions, so it fits perfectly with our Easter basket. Why not try our very own Gormanoff Black Caviar? Although quite different from the classic Easter eggs, these small, flavorsome eggs will bring a real level of extravagance to your Easter basket.

Something sweet

You know you’re entering adult life when you start appreciating good quality preserves. They also make a great addition to the basket because they bring a higher quality of sweet produce than say, chocolate Easter eggs or candy. We stock a great selection of preserves including the Family Tree brand, which is currently included in our weekly sale! Check out the full range of preserves that we offer in store to make the perfect selection for your loved one’s Easter basket!

Something chocolate

Just because they’re all grown up doesn’t mean they don’t like chocolate! But maybe their taste in chocolate has refined a little? Instead of the usual chocolate Easter eggs, why not try some truly indulgent chocolate truffles like our Kommunarka Assorted Truffles? This way you can still give them chocolate without making them feel like a child!

This Easter could be the one where you do something a little bit different! Try making an Easter basket that will stand out for the young adults in your family. At NetCost Market, we stock a great selection of great quality products that anyone would love to receive in an Easter basket, so head down to our store now to check out all we have to offer!